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Joanne Flestado

Joanne is a content-researcher and writer who helps with advocacy groups involved in women's empowerment and children's welfare and protection. In her spare time, she loves traveling and doing volunteer work to help others.
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Asian Lives Matter! Racism Amids Pandemic

Asian Lives Matter: Racism and discrimination of Asians in the United States during the pandemic A Laos immigrant was told to go back to Asia 2021...

List of Registered Filipino-Americans Organizations

Fil-Am Organizations in Southern California There are organizations for alumni of Philippine universities, church affiliation, natives to certain provinces, sports enthusiasts, teachers, lawyers, doctors, nurses,...

Fil-Am Organizations in Social Advocacy

Filipino American Organizations in community service Filipino-Americans are known for the bayanihan spirit; it is a selfless give-and-take act to work together in a spirit...

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Sesame Street First Filipino Muppet TJ

Sesame Street introduces the first Filipino muppet named "TJ" "Sesame...

Five Contributing Factors to Economic Collapse

Five contributing factors to the imminent economic collapse in...
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