List of Registered Filipino-Americans Organizations


Fil-Am Organizations in Southern California

There are organizations for alumni of Philippine universities, church affiliation, natives to certain provinces, sports enthusiasts, teachers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, architects, engineers, business people, and other professions. Many of the organizations are non-profit and apolitical. Despite showing cultural diversity, strong sectarian, socio-economic, and social interests unified these organizations.

  • Alpha Kappa Rho
  • Ateneo De Manila University Alumni Association of California (ADMUAAC)
  • Cebu Brotherhood, Inc.
  • Fil-Am Association of Designers (FAAD)
  • Fil-Am Society of Architects and Engineers of Southern California (FASAE-SOCAL)
  • Filipino American Lawyers of San Diego (FALSD)
  • Philippine-American Charity Foundation
  • Philippine Institute of Language, Arts & Culture (PILAC)
  • Philippine Nurses Association of America, Inc.
  • The Filipino Veterans Group, Inc.
  • Mabuhay Foundation
National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA)

Filipino Organizations

National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA)
Philippine Independence Day Council (PIDCI)
Filipino American Historical Society of Chicago (FASC)
Piyesta Pinoy (Chicago)

Filipino American Community Groups in US States

Alabama – Philippine American Association of Alabama; Filipino-American Association of Greater Birmingham
Alaska – Filipino Community of Anchorage Alaska, Inc; Filipino Community, Inc
Arizona – See list
Arkansas – North West Arkansas Filipino American Association; Arkansas Philippine Association
California – See list
Colorado – Philippine American Society of Colorado; The Filipino-American Community of Colorado
Connecticut – Filipino American Association of Western Connecticut; Pilipino Association of Connecticut, Inc
Delaware – Pilipino American Association of Delaware
Florida – Filipino Community of Florida Keys; Filipino-American Association of Pensacola, Inc
Georgia- Filipino-American Association of Greater Atlanta
Hawaii- Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii
Idaho- Filipino- American Association of Idaho, Inc
Illinois- Filipino-American Society of Central Illinois
Indiana – Indiana National Federation of Filipino American Associations
Iowa- Filipino-American Association of Iowa
Kansas- Filipino Association of Greater Kansas City
Kentucky- Filipino-American Society of Kentucky and Southern Indiana
Louisiana- Filipino-Americans in Louisiana
Maine- Filipino Heritage Group of Maine
Maryland- Katipunan, Filipino-American Association of Maryland, Inc
Massachusetts- Central Massachusetts Filipino American Association
Michigan- Filipino American Community Council of Michigan
Minnesota- Fil-Minnesotan Association
Missouri- Filipino American Association of Missouri
Montana- Fil Am Great Falls, MT
Nebraska- Filipino-American Organization of Metropolitan Omaha
Nevada- Filipina Women’s Network
New Hampshire- Filipino-American Friendship Society of New Hampshire
New Jersey- Philippine American Friendship Community, Inc
New Mexico- Filipino American Foundation of New Mexico
New York- The Filipino Social Club of New York
North Carolina- Philippine American Association of North Carolina
North Dakota- FilAmMinDak Association
Ohio- Filipino American Association of Southern Ohio
Oklahoma- Philippine-American Civic Organization of Oklahoma
Oregon- Council of Filipino American Associations of Oregon and South West Washington
Pennsylvania- Filipino American Association of Pittsburgh
Rhode Island- Filipino American Community of Rhode Island, Providence County
South Carolina- Filipino-American Association of Greater Columbia, South Carolina
South Dakota- See list
Tennessee- Filipino-American Association of Tennessee
Texas- Austin Filipino-American Association
Utah- Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce of Utah
Vermont- Filipinos in Vermont
Virginia- Filipino American Association of Central Virginia
Washington- US Philippines Society
West Virginia- Philippine Medical Association of West Virginia
Wisconsin- Filipino American Association of Wisconsin
Wyoming- Cheyenne American-Filipino Association

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