Best college universities in Illinois for immigrants


Six of the best college universities in Illinois ideal for Asian immigrants in alphabetical order

DPU: DePaul University, Chicago

Ranks 137 out of 443 National Colleges
Ranks 5th in Illinois


  • No. 1 The nation’s largest Catholic University.
  • Named one of the Best Midwestern Colleges.
  • Diverse with a friendly and safe environment.
  • Top in Graphic, Animation, and Game Design programs.
  • Top 20 in MBA Entrepreneurship program.

LUC: Loyola University, Chicago

Ranks 115 out of 443 National Colleges
Ranks 10th in Illinois


  • Diverse with Asian-rich culture.
  • Largest of all Jesuit colleges in the USA.
  • Best value by US News and World Report.
  • 98% of incoming first-year students receive grants or scholarships.


  • Does not offer a full-ride scholarship.
  • DePaul University is ranked #1,560 out of 2,223 for value nationwide.

NIU: Northern Illinois University, DeKalb

Ranks low out of 443 National Colleges
Ranks low in Illinois


  • One of the best colleges for accounting, physical therapy, chemistry, and nursing.
  • Offers full scholarships and merit housing to qualified international students.
  • Considered very safe for its suburban location.


Although NIU ranks low compared to other universities, retention and graduation rate is high with having the best undergraduate programs for accounting, science, and hospital care programs.

NWU: Northwestern University, Evanston

Ranks 137 out of 443 National Colleges
Ranks 5th in Illinois


  • Ranks No. 1 as the best college in Illinois.
  • Ranks No. 3 in the best pre-law school in the USA.
  • A wealth of mentoring programs is ideal for immigrants.
  • Considered as midwest’s Ivy school for its rigorous academic standard.


  • High tuition fee is one of the highest in the nation.
  • Needs a strong GPA and at least a 1300 GPA to be considered.
  • Applying for Early Decision is always best, but you need to be very good at writing essays.

UIC: University of Illinois, Chicago

Ranks 97 out of 443 National Colleges
Ranks 7th in Illinois


  • Extremely diverse University.
  • Available full scholarship to low-income immigrants.
  • Best in business and research programs.
  • Ranked 7th best online business program in the country.


  • Campus Housing offers gender-inclusive housing options.
  • UIC was criticized in 2022 for its “woke ideals.”

U of I: University of Illinois – Urbana

Ranks 41 out of 443 National Colleges
Ranks 3rd in Illinois


  • Diverse University with diverse restaurants within the campus.
  • Scholarship and tons of work opportunities for students from within.
  • Best in nearly every course category.
  • Science graduate school is ranked first in the country, next to undergrad engineering, accounting, and physics.


  • Three hours away from Chicagoland.
  • A very liberal environment that adopts “progressive” values.


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