What does it Take to Get College Scholarship?


What does it take to get a good college scholarship in the USA?

A College degree from a university costs a fortune in the United States. Being smart and intelligent is just half of it to securing a scholarship. You must demonstrate a good balance of weighted GPA, community activities, awards, and writing talent.


Nunya Bizwaks had it made

Nunya Bizwaks got a high 1580/1600 SAT with a 4.6 GPA. She was a National Merit Scholar and a member of several honors societies. Nunya was also in the top 10 in her First year for the State Science League.

She also was part of the U.S. Biology Olympiad and a member of her school’s Debate Team, Computer Science, and Federal Reserve Challenge Clubs, as well as the president of Brain Bee.

Her scholarship from a top-tier university should be secured.

Nunya applied to the top universities in the nation: Yale, Cornell, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Washington University, Northwestern University, University of Chicago, Duke, Emory, and Columbia University.

For safety, she applied to her state school, Rutgers-New Brunswick University in New Jersey.

The result of her application

I was quickly accepted into Rutgers with minimal scholarship,” she said. But Nunya was either wait-listed or rejected from every other college. How was that possible, given her excellent credentials?

The hard truth is that the best schools don’t just look at your grades or SAT. They consider your contribution to your community—plus the fact that you have to write excellent essays and be able to express yourself.


How to ensure you get a good college scholarship?

  1. Join community clubs or school programs that can get you an award or recognition.
  2. Aim for a 5.0 grade in Junior year and avoid conflated extracurricular activities.
  3. Be a better writer and practice writing essays while still in high school.


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