What College Course is Good for Asian Americans?


Which college course is best for Filipino-American high school graduates?

Often, high school seniors find it difficult to choose which college course to take. Getting into a community college first may help get the feel of which course is best. Also, you can save a ton of money.

‘Intelligence type’ as a deciding factor

Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence can be used to measure or identify which course fits well with high school graduates.

For example, Gardner identified two major types of intelligence: Verbal and mathematical, traditionally measured by I.Q. Therefore if you’re good at math or critical thinking, engineering or programming is a good fit.

If you like talking with people and helping the helpless, nursing or physical therapy is something Filipino Americans enjoy doing as a day job.

a career course that has a lot to do with interpersonal skills and empathy.


The Asian culture

Racial ethnicity may also identify career interests because nature and nurture interact in human intelligence formation. Filipinos have traits that work well with certain careers.

For example, Filipino nurses contribute to about 25 percent of health workers in the world. Clearly, it has something to do with Filipino character and values. Of course, ethnicity and culture should not be the predictor, but rather the inspiration.

The point is, Filipino Americans may well be suited to a career course that has a lot to do with interpersonal skills, empathy, and intentionality.


College courses where Filipinos excel

Behavioral Science
Education (Teaching profession)
Civil Engineering
Hotel Management
Medical Doctor
Physical Therapy
Special Education

Deciding factor

A parent’s influence is critical but they’re not the decision-maker. College should also be fun. Also, it’s unproven that intelligence comes from the mother therefore a father’s input is equally important.


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