Top questions in US citizenship often asked


Questions that will likely be asked in a US citizenship immigrant interview

Three Branches of Government

  • Executive Branch: “The Federal Government”
  • Legislative Branch: “The Upper and Lower House”
  • Judicial Branch: “The Supreme Court”


Top Government Officials in 2021-2024

  • President of the USA: Joe Biden (D)
  • Vice President of the USA: Kamala Harris (D)
  • Senate Speaker:  Patrick McHenry (Interim)
  • Supreme Court Chief Justice: Honorable John G. Roberts, Jr.
  • State Governor: (See list)
  • State Senators: (See list)
  • State Representative: (See list)
  • City Mayor: (See list)

Two political parties in the USA

  • Democrats: Liberals (D)
  • Republicans: Conservative (R)


The most notable Americans in government

  • Benjamin Franklin: First diplomat, Post Master General, inventor, etc.
  • George Washington: First President – Revolutionary War leadership.
  • John Adams: Vice President and 2nd President; Author of the Massachusetts Constitution.
  • Thomas Jefferson: Principal author of the Declaration of Independence; Louisianna Purchase.
  • Alexander Hamilton: First Secretary of Treasury, Federalist Papers.
  • Abraham Lincoln: Emancipation Proclamation (Ended slavery).
  • Susan B. Anthony: Equality, Women’s suffrage (right to vote).
  • Woodrow Wilson: WW1 President.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR): WW2 President.
  • Dwight Eisenhower: WW2 General.
  • Harry Truman: WW2 President.
  • Martin Luther King Jr.: Civil Rights Leader.
  • Barack Obama: First African American President.


First four amendments

  • First Amendment: Free speech, religion, press, assembly, petition.
  • Second Amendment: Right to bear arms.
  • Third Amendment: No quartering of troops in homes.
  • Fourth Amendment: Protects against unlawful searches and seizures.


Important Years in the History of the USA

  • Declaration of Independence: July 4, 1776
  • Articles of Confederation: 1781
  • Constitution: 1787
  • Bill of Rights Ratified (First 10 Amendments): 1791
  • Louisiana Purchase: April 30, 1803
  • Emancipation Proclamation: January 1, 1863
  • End of the Civil War: April 9, 1865
  • Suffrage (19th Amendment): 1920
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor: 1941
  • D-Day (Normandy Invasion): 1944
  • Civil Rights Act: 1964
  • Landing on the Moon: 1969
  • September 11 Attacks: September 11, 2001

Random questions that’s usually asked

  1. Principles in the Declaration of Independence?
    • Answer: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
  2. Why did colonists come to America?
    • Freedom, freedom of religion, and economic opportunities.
  3. First three words of the U.S. Constitution?
    • Answer: “We the People”
  4. First 10 amendments to the Constitution?
    • Answer: The Bill of Rights
  5. What do stripes and stars on the American flag represent?
    • Answer: The original 13 colonies and 50 states.
  6. Rights, privileges, or mandatory for a US citizen?
    • Answer: Vote, run for office, be a jury.
  7. Who and when can you vote?
    • Answer: Citizens who are 18 and above.
  8. What is the age for conscription?
    • Answer: 18 to 25 years old.
  9. What are the colors of the American flag?
    • Answer: Red, white, and blue.
  10. Terms of office of the President, Senator, Representative?
    • Answer: 4, 6, and 2 years.
  11. Two U.S. wars in the 1800s?
    • Answer: Civil War, Mexican-American War, or War of 1812
  12. Three U.S. wars after WW2?
    • Korean, Vietnam War, 9/11 Terrorist Attack
  13. Two U.S. wars after 9/11
    • War on Terror (Afghanistan/Al Qaeda), Iraq War
  14. Border state to Canada
    • Alaska, New York, Michigan
  15. Border state to Mexico
    • California, Texas, Arizona


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