10 Wokeabulary of Left Liberals


10 Critical “Woke Language” Defined in the Left Liberals’ Wokeabulary

1. Abortion Care

Abortion is basic health care. Every women’s human right to her own body, but not the baby, which they describe as a “blob of tissue.” Also, taxpayers should pay for their abortion procedures because it’s a human right. [United Nations]

2. Awomen

A Latin word that means “males and females agree,” and a closing remark in a “woke prayer.”

3. Black Lives Matter

A Marxist organization that loots and pillages cities that American citizens should tolerate and embrace because they are “channeling anger.”

4. Boys Scout

An organization exclusive for boys for more than one hundred years that in 2019, began accepting girls or anyone who identifies as a female for that matter. [CNN]

5. Genital Mutilation

Also known as gender reassignment or transition, a surgeon creates a vaginal canal between the rectum and bladder. The skin from the penis and scrotum is reused to create the labia of the vagina. The surgery is also called “health care” minors can avail. [Dr. Levine]

6. Puberty Blockers

A wonder drug that minors can take if the mother thinks her six years old son wants to be a female for life. It is a chemical castration that lets a 12-years old boy take it to become a girl. [Telegraph]

7. Reparation

Every non-Black American (including Asian immigrants) should pay monetary damages for the descendants of slaves. It is also a term used to justify the recent looting and pillaging of BLM. [NY Post]

8. They, Thebies, Zie, Zieself

These are new and most popular pronouns to refer to either male or female, a trans child, or cisgender. Addressing them with traditional genders, “he” or “she” is discrimination and subject to fine. [Washington Post]

9. Women’s Sports

A competition between biological males and females. There is no distinction in physiology because that is discrimination. Anyone who feels like a “woman” can join and compete with biological women. [Rachel Mackinnon]

10. Climate Change

An observation that the irregular climate change currently happening is caused by man’s carbon footprints and ignores the fact that it is a natural phenomenon. Climate change also means the world will end in 12 years. [USA Today]

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