Woke Companies in the USA


The biggest woke companies campaign for tolerance, social justice, and gender equality

2023, Dove’s woke comment

In a 2021 Dove beauty ad, a black woman reveals a white woman after using their body lotion, who then transforms into a Middle Eastern woman. Dove was accused of racism by the woke mob.

In 2023, Dove becomes woke when it accused Brendan Fraser’s makeup artists of “fat appropriation.” Fraser started in the film “The Whale,” which won an Oscar for best hair and makeup.

The company Dove posted on Twitter, “Stop giving fat suits awards!!” We want better representation in Hollywood” and was immediately criticized for its woke comment.

2023, Hershey’s “Woke Chocolate”

Hershey’s Canada featured trans activist Fae Johnstone in its ‘HER for SHE‘ ad campaign during International Women’s Day.

Right-wing pundits, including Ben Shapiro, blasted the company’s “virtue signaling,” according to Bloomberg.

“#BoycottHersheys” trended on Twitter after they featured a man who identifies as trans. Despite the backlash, Hershey Company stood by its partnership with a trans-rights activist.

2023 NYX Professional Make-up

Based in LA, the international make-up company NYX made headlines for its inclusive ad that featured a man who appears to be a transgender woman. For decades, NYX has taken the normative path of promoting make-up to biological women.

Cosmetics brand “NYX” went woke up with its latest ad featuring a bearded man wearing hot pink lip cream — and got slammed by followers for “erasing women,” said Matt Walsh in his post.

2023, M&M Trans Spokescandy

On January 2022, Mars Wrigley replaced the green M&M knee-high boots with flats and swapped the brown M&M stilettos for lower heels. The orange M&M, on the other hand, will embrace his anxiety and tie his shoelaces. The rebranding triggered a culture war, according to Time.

In an attempt to be more diverse, inclusive, and progressive, M&M faced backlash and was called out for its “woke agenda,” the Daily Wire reported.

Conservative pundit and Fox News host Tucker Carlson mocked the redesign for being woke. “The green M&M’s got her boots back but apparently is now a lesbian, maybe, and there is also a plus-sized, obese purple M&M’s,” he said.

2022, Hallmark Channel

Hallmark Channel is known for its family-oriented and moderately conservative movies. Recently, the channel has been developing more LGBTQ storylines, including the first original holiday movie focused on a same-sex couple called “The Holiday Sitter,” which premieres December 11, 2022.

The network had gay characters before, but not as the main storyline. However, pressure from LGBTQ groups seems to have slowly pushed the company to veer away from its tradition.

2022, Ulta Beauty fatphobia and girlhood campaign

Ulta Beauty promoted a new digital campaign called the “The Beauty Of …” about someone’s entry into girlhood. Just weeks ago, the company faced backlash for its “fatphobia” series, which appears to promote “unhealthy weight” as something beautiful.

The company faced BOYCOTT from angry female customers after inviting trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney onto its podcast. Dubbed “The Joy of Girlhood,” Dylan vowed to become a mother. [DailyMail]

2022, Calvin Klein’s pregnant man ad

The 2022 Calvin Klein ad of a pregnant (transgender) man features Roberto, a biological woman. Hence, she has a womb. Erika and Roberto are from Brazil, where gay culture is highly celebrated.

2022, Burger King Austria

Burger King Austria celebrated 2022 Pride Month with the “Pride Whopper.” It’s the classic grilled hamburger that comes with either two top or two bottom buns.

Translated to English, the Austrian website said, “Equal rights. Empathy. Understanding. No matter where you come from, who you love, what you look like, or what you believe in: Time to be proud.”

2022, State Farm customers outraged over the transgender donation

For years, the insurance company has always supported controversial racial issues and promoted LGBTQ relationships in its ads. No one bothered until State Farm supported GenderCool. A philanthropic program that pushed gay books in schools

State Farm dropped its support after customer outrage over its plan to donate books promoting transgenderism to schools and public libraries for children as young as five.

A financial institution like the U.S. Bank has joined the bandwagon of promoting diversity through their same-sex dad ad in 2020.

2022, Disney parks eliminate “boys” and “girls”

In 2021, Disney World changed its greeting from ‘boys and girls” to be more inclusive. They changed it to “dreamers of all ages instead,” reported DailyMail.

The following year, it removed ALL mentions of “ladies,” “gentlemen,” “boys,” and “girls” in its theme parks to create “that magical moment” for children who do not identify with traditional gender roles.

PRIDE clothing line and Buzzlight Year

In 2022, Disney launched the LGBTQIA Pride Collection clothing line for kids and promised to donate profits to gay organizations, and released the “wokeist cartoon movie” yet, Buzzlight Year.

Pixar dropped Tim Allen (outspoken conservative) and replaced him with Chris Evan (liberal). The film also features same-sex marriage.

2022, Levi’s Jeans company

Levi’s brand president Jennifer Sey refused severance, so she could expose how woke the company has become. Sey published an op-ed full of absolute fire over Bari Weiss’ substack. She detailed her experience with Levi’s jeans and how toxic its woke environment has been over the last decade.

2022, GoFundMe

GoFundMe canceled the “Freedom Convoy Fund” for Canadian truckers after it had raised approximately C$10 million for the truckers and already distributed C$1 million of the funds.

The Freedom Convoy rally (in front of Canada’s Parliament) began as a movement by truckers to challenge a government vaccination mandate. Still, it spread to include a wide array of anti-government grievances.

In 2020, “Go Fund Me” removed conservative pundit Candace Owens’ campaign for a bar owner, which the company later learned called George Floyd, a thug.

An alternative for GoFundMe is GiveSendGo, a faith-based group.

2021, Victoria’s Secret hires LGBTQ activist brand ambassador

Victoria’s Secret was a symbol of uber-female sexiness. In 2021, they replaced Victoria’s Secret Angels with soccer star and liberal activist Rapinoe. VS also hired its first biologically male transgender model. [DW]

The “sexy brand” was criticized for wokeness. “…I don’t want to look like Megan Rapinoe. I can be feminine AND empowered…,” twitted Jenna Ellis of Esquire.

Subway sandwich also hired Rapinoe as its endorser, but several franchisees pressured corporate to scrape her from the campaign. [NY Post]

In 2023, VS Brand CEO resigned as the company struggled following the pursuit of uber-wokeness.

2021, Nickelodeon’s rating crashed after pushing LGBTQ woke indoctrination

“Rugrats” reboot with an openly lesbian mom. Blues Clues featured a drag queen singing at a PRIDE parade on how awesome LGBTQ life is. They featured Nina West, who introduced the “gay alphabet” for kids.

Nickelodeon is accused of indoctrinating young children with “environmental racism” that liberal activist Greta Thunberg promotes. In only four years, Nickelodeon dropped more than two-thirds of its audience. [DW]

2021, “Individuality” is more important than Disney fantasy

According to Orlando Weekly, Disney Park will be more “inclusive” by allowing employees to showcase different hairstyles or tattoos. However, it may polarize visitors who went there not to see “individual expressions” but for fantasy, says a Disney fan.

In the last few years, Disney, and many others, joined the growing list of “woke companies” fighting “systemic racism theory” and promoting “equality for all.”

2021, Ben & Jerry’s “Defund Police,” anti-Israel stand

2021, In the wake of the shooting of Daunte Wright in Minnesota, Ben & Jerry’s, famous for its left-wing causes, tweeted that America’s police system “can’t be reformed” and “must be dismantled,” with the hashtag #DefundThePolice.

In July, Unilever announced they would no longer sell ice cream in the two ancient Biblical parts of Israel, Judea and Samaria, because it’s an ‘occupied Palestinian territory.’ The company strongly supports the Black Lives Matter movement and LGBTQ+ rights. [Reuters]

2020, NFL turns political, crash ratings

2020, The National Football League (NFL season) protested systemic racism. They believe it exists, despite overwhelming Black privileges.

Critics found it unfair that some Black athletes protesting earned millions a year yet claimed discrimination.

NFL also hated Trump and gave the Ex-President the middle finger, reported the Guardian. In September, Trump tweeted, “People are tired of watching the highly political NBA… Stand tall for our Country and our Flag.

Black & White Sports host said, “NFL turned off fans because of wokeness.”

  • NFL season began with a ‘Black national anthem.’
  • The player’s constant kneeling instead of standing up for the American flag disrespect many Americans.
  • Putting names of “Black criminals” on their uniforms and helmet to support Black Lives Matter perpetuates racism.

In 2023, the NFL’s pre-Super Bowl festivities included a rendition of the Black national anthem for the third consecutive year.

No other country on Earth is ridiculous enough to permit different groups to perform their own national anthems before major events,” critic Matt Walsh said.

NFL Week 4 Ratings plummet as fans continue to reject woke sports.

2021, Kohl’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc., banned ‘My Pillow’

MyPillow product was banned at Kroger, BJ’s, H-E-B, Affirm, Colony Brands, Bluestream, Chewey, JCP, Dollar General, Bed Bath & Beyond, TSC, Fingerhut, Mattress Firm, Kohl’s, Shop H.Q., among others.

CEO Mike Lindell, a prominent Trump ally, said major retailers dropped his products because of his opinion on voter fraud conspiracies. The owner claims the election was rigged, which faced backlash online. [Forbes]

2021, Coca-Cola will only hire law firms with enough Black lawyers

2021, Coca-Cola’s new policy included a ‘diversity quota’ for the outside counsel it retains. In short, they will only hire law firms that commit to providing 15 percent of the billed time from black attorneys.

Failure to comply may result in Coca-Cola slashing compensation for the firms by 30 percent. Worst, firms could lose the account. [Dailywire]

2021, Converse Shoes Demon Ad

The Converse brand is committed to supporting movements for positive social change, including support for the LGBTQ’s PRIDE March and a slew of “woke” trends.

Satan Temple’s Lucien Greene admitted that more than half of their members are LGBTQ; ergo, there is no surprise when Converse used demonic elements for its ad in 2021.

Converse shoes “broke from convention” with the TURBODRK Chuck 70, created by Rick Owens. Many record him as an “icon,” but the Bible calls it wickedness.

The design element included the pentagram, a devil symbol. The Converse ad used “dark imagery” that channels Satan and his demons.

2021, Nike Satan-Theme Shoes

Nike was one of the first brands to take a stand in the murder of George Floyd: “For once, Don’t Do It.” Its “woke politics” expands to Colin Kaepernick, who they supported in 2018. Kaepernick is the poster boy of “woke social justice.”

In March 2021, Rapper Lil Nas X (Montero Lamar Hill) launched a limited edition Nike designed for “devil fans.” The Satan sneaker had no association with the parent company, and Nike sued MSCHF, which designed the shoes.

Although Nike claims it did not endorse the devilish design. Nonetheless, the company is known for its woke ads, supporting leftist politics.

2021, Pantene shampoo launch “LGBTQ Kids”

2021, the Pantene shampoo brand launched the “LGBTQ kids” promotion on March 15. It featured Sawyer, a trans girl (biological boy) who grows her hair beautifully.

She has two loving lesbian parents who take pride in having a gay child. It is part of their attempt o promote family equality in light of President Biden’s Equality Act of 2021.

2020, “Woke NBA” rating plummets

The National Basketball Association and Baseball Leagues have repeatedly “lectured” audiences about Black discrimination and inequality.

They wore “woke shirts,” disrespected the anthem and its “king,” Le Bron James often ranted about the systemic racism Black conservatives say is no longer evident today.

Even though Black privilege is evident, leftist liberal behavior perpetuates systemic racism, and fans don’t like it. As a result, NBA ratings crashed to an all-time low. Even NBA commissioner Adam Silver admits that their (Woke) social justice caused ratings to plummet.

In October 2020, Senator Ted Cruz twitted, “NBA is engaged in a concerted effort to insult their fans & turn every game into a left-wing political lecture. That’s dumb.”

NFL commissioners admit their “woke social justice” caused ratings to crash.

2020, Nike’s empowering woke ads built on genius propaganda & virtue signaling

Nike is the king of “wokevertising.” From anthem-kneeling quarterback to featuring ‘oppressed Muslim minority in 2020. They’ve capitalized on intersectionalism that featured a girl wearing a niqab morphing into a trans-sexual holding a smoking rainbow flag.

Nike’s woke ads in 2018 lowered their sales by 3%, but sales quickly recovered, and the share price shot up. The reason, Nike’s message is uplifting rather than accusatory. In contrast, Gillette’s campaign is a letdown.

However, Nike’s woke progressivism is a virtue signal undercut by its treatment of corporate abuse abroad. Nike itself profits from labor conditions similar to slavery; it is a distinction without a difference, said Joseph Laughon.

2019, Pinterest bans pro-life sites

Pinterest permanently suspended pro-life news site Live Action from their platform in June 2019, saying, “We don’t allow harmful misinformation.”

The pro-life organization Live Action has openly said that “abortion is the only ‘medical procedure’ that aims for a 100% death rate.

2019, Apple bans pro-life sites from news platform

Leading pro-life website LifeSite News was banned from Apple News in July 2019 because they claimed the site “shows intolerance towards a specific group.” LifeSite News, a pro-life site, says it covers “life, faith, and family news.”

Apple announced a week later it would reverse the ban. The “woke company” rolled out more diverse same-sex couple emojis with 75 combinations the next month.

2019, Gillette $5 billion in losses for woke ad

In 2019, Gillette released a short film titled “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be.” It took on “toxic masculinity” and the #MeToo movement. Some criticized the ad for “virtue signaling” and political wokeness.

Despite the backlash, the company ran a May ad depicting a man teaching his transgender son how to shave for the first time. A risky move for a straight male-dominated market.

Gillette’s woke ad dislike staggering. A comment claims it reached 300,000 views with 3.6M dislikes. But it appears to have been magically reduced. Some viewers claim their likes were reversed.

2019, Chic-Fil-A supported BLM cause

2019, Christianity Today reported Chick-fil-A’s plan to end charitable giving to Christian organizations—amid concern over LGBT backlash the Christian-owned company experienced.

Then earlier in 2020, Chic-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy asked Whites to repent for racism by shining a Black man’s shoes. Atlanta mega-church Pastor Louie Giglio joined the call, and a couple of his team knelt before a group of Blacks and asked for forgiveness.

Despite its CEO’s public support for ending “Black racism,” dozen Chick-fil-A locations were vandalized. On October 27, its Philadelphia store was looted by BLM rioters, twitted journalist Andy Ngo.

2019, Instacart’s Rainbow cart

According to Instacart’s website, LGBTQIA+ rights are under attack, especially the trans youth. “We also need to keep fighting and never forget that PRIDE MARCH was started as a protest.” Hence, the company introduced the gay-friendly “Rainbow Cart.”

In 2021, the Corporate Equality Index certified Instacart as a “Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality.” Instacart support extends to the marginal class and those victims of racial injustice.

2018, Boys and Girls Scouts membership plummets

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) began admitting girls to join the organization, which had been exclusive to biological males for more than a century. Girls have the chance to climb to the level of Eagle Scout.

Likewise, Girls Scouts of America (GSA) announced in 2018 that they would accept boys into the once-all-girls organization.

Both groups experienced declining membership for years and plummeted in 2020, partly because of the pandemic. But it will continue to do so in 2022.

Interestingly, alternatives to these scout organizations, the Trail Life USA, saw a significant increase in membership.

2017, Astra Zeneca US

Astra Zeneca came out as a loud supporter of LGBT initiatives to promote diversity and inclusiveness. A proud ally also of the PRIDE March, company colleagues are always represented in the gay celebration.

In 2020, other drug companies like GlaxoSmithKline planned to add diversity and inclusion to their ad campaigns in the coming years, but not with redundant rainbows or hashtag platitudes just during Pride Month, but with marketing that rang true.

2016, Target Store faced backlash over bathroom rule

Customers can use the bathroom or fitting room corresponding to the gender they identify with. Over one million people signed a petition for a boycott. Outrage ensued after a man exposed himself to a young girl in a Target bathroom, pretending to be trans.

2015, Planet Fitness Locker Policy

Planet Fitness’ policy allows biological men identifying as a woman to enter the women’s locker. In 2015, Yvette Cormier was shocked to see a person wearing a wig and “a little bit of blush” but was “huge” and appeared “very manly,” she told ABC News.

The staff told her she could wait until he was done if she was uncomfortable with the transwoman (Carlotta Sklodowska). She replied, “How about he waits until I’m done in the women’s locker room… or get a unisex bathroom.”

The meaning of woke has expanded from social justice to neo-feminism and transgender power. It also promotes LGBTQ causes. For example, the photo on the left is of a toddler mannequin at the Old Navy store. The fashion statement seems to encourage gender fluidity at a very young age.


  1. I hated Gillette that day they made those ads. Then I got to think myself, am I being a homophobe? I guess they need to do what they had to, but riden em on gay topics is no way cool.

  2. OK boomer, whoever wrote this clearly doesn’t understand what being progressive means. Identity politics is real, but so is doing the right thing for this country. Woke or no woke, it would make better sense if you are more open to the fact that times have changed.

  3. Totally wrecked! Hell no these companies woke and wokeism just doesn’t get it. They all making things look bad for us.

  4. These woke corporations on wokeism and all things awoke are bad not just for society, but for the economy. They are pushing identity politics and people believe them.. That’s really the saddest part.

  5. I wouldn’t buy from these companies, but sometimes you don’t have a choice. So unless someone takes them out with better brands… well like Harry’s.

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