Activist says hamburger is sexist, white supremacist oppression


Woke activist Carol Adams says eating hamburgers is sexist rooted in white supremacist oppression

Carol J. Adams, writer, feminist, and animal rights advocate said eating meat like hamburger is “sexist and white supremacist oppression” during an Oxford Union Debate. Although Carol explained her opinion intelligibly, pundits found it beyond ridiculous.

Adams comes from the perspective of what anti-progressive liberals call “woke ideology.” She is correct in several points as to how modern civilization seem to disrupt the mores of humanity.

An excerpt of Adam’s speech at the Oxford Union Debate On “This House Would Move Beyond Meat,” in November 25, 2021

Seventy percent of the population would have to be eliminated for people to try to rely on hunting to survive. Who would live and who dies and who decides?.”

Hamburger comes with a dose of misogyny. Pop culture is clouded with sexy cows, sexy pigs, sexy chickens, sexy fish.. meat-eating is also one of the ways gender-based structures of oppression are perpetuated.”

Meat-eating is also one of the ways the gender-based structures of oppression are perpetuated. masculinity, a construct of a gender binary facing constant destabilization feels always under threat, and eating animals is its protection racket

White supremacists weaponize eating meat eggs, and dairy, and abating liberal men as so-called “soy boys” are all part of the “neo-nazis” messaging.

Hamburger comes with a dose of misogyny.

The rationale of a civilized society

The video was originally posted by Mikhaila Peterson, daughter of the famed psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson. Pundits on Twitter had this to say about Carol Adams

  • “Wokeness is off the charts on this one,” APOCTOZ
  • “We have come to this,” Dan Bongino
  • “She made me convulse,” Dr. Jordan Peterson

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