Why COVID continues to increase in the Philippines


Diabetes could be one major reason as to why COVID-19 continues to increase in the Philippines

High COVID death rate in the Philippines linked to diabetes. Not enough recovery facilities make it worst. Despite massive vaccination and lockdowns, death and infection continue to rise.

COVID deaths are high when hospitalized with diabetes and 1 in 14 Pinoys are at risk

A new European study reported by WebMD bears that out: “Diabetic patients are clearly in a very high-risk category and should be among the first groups of people to get the vaccine,” advised Dr. Mangala Narasimhan, Northwell Health, N.Y. 

  • European study finds 1 in every 5 hospitalized COVID-19 patients with diabetes die within 28 days of admission.
  • Nearly two-thirds of those infected were men, many were overweight and 40% were experiencing complications from their diabetes.
  • 10% of COVID-19 patients with diabetes died within seven days of hospital admission.
  • During the 28 days after their admission to a hospital, 21% of patients died, the French team reported Feb. 17 in the journal Diabetologia.
  • Adults with Down syndrome 3 times more likely to die of COVID, study finds.

1 in 5 hospitalized COVID-19 patients with diabetes dies within 28 days.

1 in 5 Filipinos is prediabetic; 1 in 14 are diabetic

Two things are clear, proper hospital care is a huge problem, and that 1 in 14 Filipinos is diabetic according to International Diabetes Federation (IDF) data 2019. Moreso, 1 in 5 Filipinos are prediabetic.

Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) data show diabetes Mellitus ranked fourth as the leading cause of death in the Philippines.

In India, about 77 million are diabetics, the second-highest in the world. Despite massive vaccination, mask mandate, and social distancing, the country continues to face a deluge of COVID-19 deaths, forcing mass cremation.

CDC confirms link between pre-existing medical conditions and C19 death

According to CDC, being overweight, obese, diabetic, and even those with down syndrome, aside from other pre-existing conditions, are at higher risk of getting severely ill with C19. They will likely die without proper care.

Aging population are also at risk

Countries like Japan and Italy have a huge aging population at higher risk of having more C19 deaths even without preexisting conditions, the reason CDC recommends vaccination.

The bottom line, third world countries without proper facilities and with a high prevalence of diabetes explains why they suffer the most. The good news, recovery rate remains very high.

Get the vaccine if you are diabetic.

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