What Happens to Blacks, Asians, After Pandemic?


Possibly grim aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic and BLM riots for Blacks, Asian minorities

It is a painful repercussion for African-Americans when the dust settles—the government, whites, rich, and capitalists are likely to be blamed. According to the Wall Street Journal, the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic may cause further wealth gaps and leave minorities more vulnerable.

As Black Lives Matters raged, victimhood made it clear you can’t mess with them, and that’s not a good

A study shows the Black Lives Matter (BLM) group is linked to 91% of riots since it exploded in July until September 2020. It will take decades to remove the prejudice that Blacks are belligerent, unfair to those who are peace-loving and law-abiding Black Americans.

In 2021, two teenage girls ages 13 and 15, whose ethnicity was withheld for obvious reasons, caused the death of a Pakistani Uber driver. The girl carjacked his car that crashed. Twitter’s response was brutal. Many cried out for justice against belligerent blacks.

Meantime, white business people may leave Democratic city activists ruined and where black crimes high. Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, New York, and Chicagounemployment spikes.


“white businessmen” leave democrat cities in ruins… jobs shrink.


Racism and prejudice, also a problem for Asians

As the Chinese get blamed for the pandemic, Asians share the brunt. Filams were discriminated against, and an Asian family was stabbed. Filipino-American BLM supporter James Juanillo discriminated against, and local TV ABS-CBN reporters called “pigs.”

Blacks vs. Asians privileges

Racial inequity was blamed on black’s misery. They cry for police brutality, inequality of outcome, and white supremacy. However, for black activist Candace Owens, these tensions were pushed by politicians, fueled by the mainstream media narrative.

Today, Blacks have more privileges than other non-whites—for example, black holidays. There are also black professors, doctors, policemen, lawmakers, and a black President elected twice. Their role in building America is celebrated in history books.


The aftermath is less grim for Asians

Although Asians face equal prejudice, Asians are less confrontational. Pakistanis and Indians value education. Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Thai can work long hours without complaining.

Filipinos flourish in healthcare jobs, despite discrimination. However, Asians remain the least likely to be promoted to upper management.



  1. Truly grim, BLM, well, their black community will be facing extremely difficult times, not wonderful at all.

  2. The very best black man left standing on this grim situation, yet leftist mayor of Chicago continues to make it worst, she’s living in sin, what do yo expect from a leader like lightfoot?

  3. I am really grateful for the governor and mayor – well not, I was making pun. They’ve our city worse, these democrat who are just using blacks.

  4. We had a neighbor and they hated what the BLM did to their neighbor – and he is black! Not everyone likes what they’re doing and they’re only making things worse for other people, who are not violent like them.

  5. It’s their fault, but it is also unfair for people to be judged based on their color, skin, eyes, hair. The world is unfair, and people are unfair.

  6. The problem really is not that they’re black. People should learn to work together, it’s not always me, I, and myself. That BLM thing is so selfish they ain’t making this country great but pulling it really down low.

  7. Wonderful article! We will be linking to this particularly great article on our website. Keep up the good writing.

  8. Whats more grim are not just these violent blacks, but they’re dragging other people mistaken to be blacks. It’s really sad and they’re making things worse, this black lives matter thing!

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