Is Visiting Art Institute Chicago Worth It?


Yes, it is worth going to the Art Institute of Chicago in Illinois

Going to the Art Institute of Chicago museum is worth it—especially if you are an impressionist fan. It has one of the largest collections of Monet paintings. You need 3-hours to fully appreciate its vast collection.

Art Institute of Chicago is the second-largest art museum in the U.S.A., next to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

It is best known for impressionist, post-impressionist, American art, period furniture, and recently expanded artifacts from China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Indian.

Art Institute of Chicago museum address: 111 South Michigan Ave., Chicago, Illinois. It is across the Philippine Consulate Embassy. (Photo: The museum in 1893)

Art Institute of Chicago has over 300,000 pieces and 17 must-see critical paintings of the following:

  1. Archibald John Motley Jr.: Nightlife, 1943
  2. Andy Warhol: Liz #3 [Early Colored Liz], 1963
  3. Claude Monet: Water Lilies, 1906
  4. Diego Rivera: Weaving, 1936
  5. Edward Hopper: Nighthawks, 1942
  6. Georgia O’Keeffe: Blue and Green Music, 1919
  7. Georges Seurat: A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, 1884
  8. Grant Wood: American Gothic, 1930
  9. Gustave Caillebotte: Paris Street; Rainy Day, 1877
  10. Joan Mitchell: City Landscape, 1955
  11. Henri Matisse: Bathers by a River, 1909-1917 works
  12. Marc Chagall: America Windows, 1977
  13. Mary Cassatt: The Child’s Bath, 1893
  14. Paul Gauguin: The Day of the God (Mahana No Atua) 1894
  15. Pablo Picasso: The Old Guitarist, late 19: 03
  16. Vincent van Gogh: The (second) Bedroom, 1889 and Self-portrait, 1887
  17. Katsushika Hokusai: Under the Wave off Kanagawa, 1830
The museum of the Art Institute of Chicago also feature contemporary and modern African art. (Photo: Bisa Butler)

How long should I stay in the Art Institute of Chicago?

The huge museum complex has other art pieces like antique furniture—a vast collection of sculptures including Roman and Greek artifacts and numerous valuable Asian religious relics.

Spending an hour may tire you, but there are a few benches around where you can take time to rest or read brochures. Refreshments are not allowed inside the exhibit halls.

The paintings alone can take two hours to appreciate. You need another hour for sculpture and artifacts. In total, you need to spend three hours, especially if you are a serious art enthusiast.

However, if you are just skimming through the artworks, all can be done in an hour at the Institute of Art in Chicago.

It’s best to start on the second floor and work your way down to the ground exhibit. The door closes at 6 pm.

What’s the easiest way to commute or park at the Art Institute of Chicago?

The museum is just one block east of the Loop. It’s easy to spot—look for the two green lions. The best way is via Uber or Lyft, but there is also paid parking within the small vicinity.

Nearest Art Institute Chicago parking

The nearest paid parking is Grant Park South Garage. A near 5-minute walk to the museum’s main entrance. Book your parking ticket ahead to save money and reserve space.

In 2021, the prepaid parking tickets for 3-hours are $10, and $15 for 8-hours via Millennium Garages for the Art Institute of Chicago.

Chicago Art Institute Museum via Train or Subway

The Red and Blue lines stop underground at Monroe street. You can exit via Adams/Wabash station and walk 3 minutes straight ahead Michigan Ave.

Museum price and discount

An adult one-day pass is $25. For Chicago residents, the price is $20 and FREE for kids 17 years old and below. Buy your ticket online and present your digital barcode ticket in the lobby.

A beautiful masterpiece, the statue of Leda and the Swan. 1st to 2nd Century Roman Marble at the Art Institute of Chicago.

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