Victory Liner First Class Trip to Baguio


Victory Liner introduces First Class bus coach trip to Baguio

In 2018, just before the Pandemic, Victory Liner introduced its first-class bus en route to Baguio City. After almost three years, the bus company reintroduces its First Class Bus trip “CUBAO-BAGUIO-CUBAO.”

How much is the bus fare to Baguio and what it includes?

The new fare via TPLEX Rosario is PHP 999.00, one-way. The bus will retain unique features such as washroom, free snacks, electric socket, and bus attendant.

Maintaining its configuration

The single or two-seater configuration of the bus, instead of the regular three sitting capacity per row, is an ideal way to travel in light of the social distancing that still needs to be observed.

COVID Restrictions

According to Victory Liner’s Facebook post, limits on the number of allowed leisure travel will be fluid and depend on active COVID-19 cases and health care capacity. But all approved trips with issued QTPs will be honored and allowed on the entry date declared.

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