Van Ferro Wins Best Supporting Performer at BroadwayWorld


Filipino-American actor Van Ferro wins Best Supporting Performer in a Play for ‘Failure: A Love Story’

Another win for Filipinos in the US, FilAm Van Ferro bags his third award at BroadwayWorld as he joins the Artist Board of the Chicago Artists’ Guide in 2023.

Van Ferro won his second consecutive Best Supporting Performer in a Play award for his critically acclaimed performance as John N. Fail in Oil Lamp Theater’s “Failure: A Love Story.”

FilAm stage actor Van Ferro bags the “Best Supporting Performer in a Play” at Broadway World. Outside theater, Ferro is in PR and social media marketing.

Another win for the Oil Lamp Theater

In 2022, Oil Lamp Theater won “Shipwrecked: An Entertainment,” the same production that won Ferro his first of two Broadway World Awards last year.

Ferro won from over 61 other nominees, while “Failure: A Love Story” also won Best Play—another win for Oil Lamp Theater.

Runners Up

The runners-up in the supporting performers were Jami Johnson of The Elephant in the Room, Stephen Pickering of You Can’t Take it With You, and Brooke Mummert of Brighton Beach Memoirs.

Brighton Beach Memories, The Elephant in the Room, and Lend me a Tenor were the contenders for the Best Play Award.


Director, Xavier M. Custodio, sits down with us to talk about the upcoming production of Failure: A Love Story at Oil Lamp Theater.

This year, Filipina actor Dolly De Leon also gained recognition as the first Pinoy nominated for the Golden Globe Award for her outstanding performance at Triangle of Sadness.


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