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Pinay travels to USA with doggos Tootie & Chimi


Pinay migrates from Taguig to USA with her dogs Tootie and Chimi via PAL

Yes, your furry friend, family pet, or pupper companion can ride with you on the plane, uncaged and beside you. This is what a Pinay furmom Diah Haberia Minoza-Jackson did when she recently moved to the USA. She couldn’t leave her fur babies behind.

Just like a regular passenger, except with the lease, got on the plane greeted by flight attendants on board the Philippine Airlines last October 2020, PhilStar reported.

Minoza-Jackson said processing papers for her puppers was easy. Unlike before, animals were treated, well, as animals — caged below the deck.

dogs on flight
(Photo – Screen shot of Philstar original video)

The puppers behaved during the entire flight

The “Minoza-Jackson family” traveled for 13 hours from the NAIA terminal to California. Chimi slept almost the entire flight while Tottie was awake for at least eight hours.

Although Diah’s dogs didn’t have any training, they were behaved dogs and didn’t bother anyone, except for cuteness overload

Diah said, “Nakaupo lang talaga siya (Tootie). Nakadilat. Natatawa talaga ako kasi ayaw niya matulog… pag mag-bathroom ako, ayaw niya nahindi niya ako sasamahan.” (Tootie just sat and stared. I laughed because he refused to sleep… when I go to the toilet, he would always go with me).

puppers on airplane
Three years old Chimi (female Shih Tzu) and the two-year-old Tottie Minoza Jackson (male Aspin) walked the aisle and sat with their furmom.

PAL didn’t charge seats for the dogs!

Naturally, fellow passengers were delighted to see the furry duo. Since Diah’s companions were E.S.A., she wasn’t charged for their seats!

Before migrating, Minoza-Jackson served in the Philippine Army for seven years. She filed for an honorable discharge to migrate to the USA to be with her husband, who works in the US military.

minoza jackson dogs
Diah arrived in California, USA on October 30, 2020. Photo via PhilStar video screenshot.

About ESA Animals

Today, even the Pilots couldn’t resist having doggies on board. Of course, there’s a caveat. Diah’s doggies were allowed because they were considered as “Emotional Support Animals” or E.S.A. Plus, they were small and cuddly (well, all dogs are cuddly).

dog passport
ESA animals are pets that provide relief and comfort from loneliness, depression, anxiety, or phobias. (Photos via Philippine Star)

USA Dog Passport

Getting legal passports for your dogs or cat is not a requirement when entering the United States. However, getting their own “pet passport” or “National Pet Identity” is highly recommended.

USA Pet Passports is a term used for pet documentation, think if it as their I.D. All information needed by immigration will be in the booklet, and entry will be a breeze.

  1. Rabies vaccination
  2. Health certificate
  3. USDA endorsement

News update

On December 2, a final rule amends the US Transportation Department’s Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) regulation on service animals by air.

Animal transport by air is now restricted to dogs and no longer for any other animals. The decision came after rampant abuse of passengers using other animals as support, when they clearly not.

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