Top 12 HVAC Companies in Chicago Suburbs


Most popular HVAC Heating and Cooling Companies in Chicago Suburbs

Chicago’s top HVAC services reviews are based on Google and Facebook ratings. They have at least 200 positive reviews, some having more.

Companies with more reviews do not mean they’re better than others. Others, like Filipino-owned GR Heating and Cooling (Rheem’s Pro-installer), only have a handful of Google reviews. However, they are highly recommended in Chicagoland’s Filam community.


12 Best HVAC Suppliers in Chicagoland, in alphabetical order:

All Temp Heating & Air Conditioning

  • Head office: Chicago
  • More than 350 positive Google reviews and about 2,400 Facebook followers.
  • What’s great? Decades of experience and several hubs in Chicago can quickly service your home.

Armbrust Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning

  • Head office: Carol Stream; Saint Charles
  • More than 600 positive Google reviews and about 300 Facebook followers.
  • What’s great? Established in 1918, they are experts and efficient, especially in plumbing issues.

AWE Air Water Energy

  • Head office: Carol Stream
  • More than 700 positive Google reviews and about 1,400 Facebook followers.
  • What’s great? AWE has a lot of satisfied customers and often has seasonal promotions.

Bartlett Heating & Air Conditioning

  1. Head office: Bartlett
  2. More than 400 positive Google ratings and about 1,700 Facebook followers.
  3. What’s great? Bartlett is known for “quick response” with a lot of positive “real customer” reviews.

Blue Frost Heating & Cooling

  • Head office: West Chicago
  • More than 600 positive Google reviews and about 800 Facebook followers.
  • What’s great? Blue Frost has great positive reviews and carries several brands.

Comfort Services Heating & Air Conditioning

  • Head office: Plainfield
  • More than 400 positive Google reviews and about 400 Facebook followers.
  • What’s great? Comfort HVAC is a popular choice for those in Will County.

Deljo Heating & Cooling

  • Head office: Chicago
  • More than 1,000 positive Google reviews and about 700 Facebook followers.
  • What’s great? Since 1922, Deljo’s lengthy experience in heating and cooling has made them top of mind in the Chicago area.

Four Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning

  • Head office: Chicago and Crestwood
  • More than 10,000 positive ratings and about 15,000 Facebook followers.
  • What’s great? They have a huge network around Chicagoland.

Green Air Care

  • Main office: Chicago, Naperville, Buffalo Grove
  • Almost 7090 positive reviews and about 2,400 Facebook followers.
  • What’s great? Green Air has a huge network. Coupon advertising has helped this company get a lot of customers.

Guardian Heating & Cooling Service

  • Head office: Chicago
  • More than 300 positive reviews and about 450 Facebook followers.
  • What’s great? Guardian is an expert when it comes to the Carrier brand. Customers often comment on their technician’s high expertise.

McNally’s Heating and Cooling

  • Head office: St. Charles
  • More than 800 positive ratings and a large 5,000 Facebook followers.
  • What’s great? Their exceptional reputation is organic. McNally’s popularity is based on frequent customer recommendations.

OneStop Pro Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric

  • Head office: Wheaton
  • More than 300 positive Google reviews and about 250 Facebook followers.
  • What’s great? True one-stop home service, recommended for busy people.

Bottom line, who’s the best HVAC contractor in Chicagoland?

Any of the top-12 HVAC suppliers are good to work with. While pricing is competitively close, choose a heating or A/C contractor closest to your home or office. Read their latest review and look for reflags such as slow response.

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