Why Filipinos Continue to Elect Poor Leaders


Three Reasons Filipinos Continue to Elect Poor Leaders

1. Political Apathy

Political apathy significantly affects the Philippines. Despite democratic freedoms, a large segment of the population abstains from voting.

Only around 15% of voters believe their vote doesn’t matter, leading to widespread disengagement. Many Filipinos, frustrated with systemic corruption and inefficiency, refuse to participate in elections, weakening democratic processes and allowing poor leadership to persist.

2. Lack of Patrimony

Corruption is rampant in the Philippines, exacerbated by a lack of national loyalty. Vote-buying and selling are common practices that undermine the integrity of elections.

This behavior reflects a deeper issue: many Filipinos prioritize personal gain over national interest, enabling corrupt leaders to rise to power and perpetuate a cycle of corruption and misgovernance.

3. Erosion of Judeo-Christian Values

Despite 86% of Filipinos identifying with Judeo-Christian values, there is a perception that societal decline reflects a loss of these principles.

Such is contrasted with trends in the United States, where rising atheism has coincided with the ascendancy of left-liberal politicians.

These leaders promote political tolerance, which some argue leads to a more decadent society, straying from traditional Christian values and contributing to poor leadership.


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