Three Practical Steps to Quickly Finish Homework


Three easy and practical steps to quickly finish homework and study effectively

1. Break it down: Use Post-It

Studying and homework can be overwhelming; ergo, divide the workload and list assignments. Start early, assign a specific day and time, and write your outline in a Post-It.

If you are using iPad, Post-It is even more effective because it will stick out and remind you of your study or work outline.

Pos-It will stick out and remind you.


2. Use Keywords

Even the most straightforward direction or rubric can look complicated. To organize your homework, it is best to print it. This way, annotating or breaking down the instruction is easier. If you can’t print it—use post it.

How to use the keywords:

  • Pick two or three words for each instruction line that summarizes the question.
  • Underline keywords, paraphrase them, or highlight significant words in the rest of the documents.
  • Write them in a Post-It and do your homework or research.
  • Glance at the Post-It now and then to remind you of what you’re trying to accomplish.

Here are keyword examples:

What is the evidence for the fall the Rome?“List evidence”
Why was Martin Luther excommunicated?Luther/Reason/Excommunicated
What are the effects of western schism in Asia?Schism, effects, Asia

3. Time management: Use Pomodoro

We all procrastinate and get distracted, usually by our smartphones. Unfortunately, the iPad, which is the very thing that’s supposed to help do things faster, can also cause heavy distractions.

The Pomodoro technique (Promofocus) is an app developed to manage your time. Students with ADHD symptoms can benefit most from this app.

Students with ADHD symptoms can benefit most.


The Pomodoro 25/5 minutes interval

Using the Pomodoro app involves breaking down study work into 25-minute intervals, with five-minute breaks in between. You can program the app, depending on how long you want to do your work.

Developed by Francesco Cirillo, research shows that it does help a student focus on studying, especially when doing homework at home.

Although you can use any Pomodoro video, it’s best to use your phone. Each time you feel the urge to use it for other things, the face timer will help remind you that it’s not time for that yet.

Pomodoro helps a student focus on studying.


The bottom line: Discipline is a mindset

It takes discipline to successfully accomplish a task and its beings in the mind. Although little is known about the brain, we know it is powerful.

The brain can create or recreate thoughts, feelings, and images that can translate to whatever you can feel or imagine. But if you argue with your limitation, you will end up keeping it.

Instead of thinking about what you cannot do, verbalize that you can. Change your mind and attitude follows. [Metanoia]


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