“Jazz Princess” Thia Megia for Emmy Awards


AI Finalist Thia Megia’s “heartbreaking performance” as immigrant nurse earns nomination for 47th Daytime Emmy Awards

This year, Thia joins the roster of ingénues in the 47th Daytime Emmy Awards to be nominated for the “Outstanding Younger Performer” category for her “heartbreaking performance” as an immigrant nurse who came to the USA illegally. Thia’s fans, especially in the Philippines, are indeed over the moon for that. [Soaps]

Thia is set to continue to appear in the soap despite being “killed off” thru a series of flashbacks.

As a singer and an actress, as a young woman, and most especially as a Filipino-American, Thia may not have been one of the first to “raise the flag” in Hollywood. Still, she definitely has every reason to feel proud of her accomplishments.

When there is a louder clamor for representation in media, seeing her not just perform but also being recognized for her talent is truly remarkable and inspiring. 

I remember how confusing it was when I only saw the same kind of faces over and over again on television and films.  And I can only imagine how wonderful it is now for the younger ones, most significantly, to see someone looking like them out there finally.

Thia may not have won the Emmys this year nor the American Idol nine years ago, but the fact that she continues to pursue her passions and live her best life makes her a source of true Pinoy Pride. 

American Idol

Thialorei Lising Megia aka Thia Megia was the youngest finalist to appear on Season 10 of the hit show “American Idol” in 2011. 

She may have been booted out of the contest a bit earlier than we hoped (Thia made it to Top 11), but ever since then and quite possibly even before that, she has been busy chasing her superstar dreams in the USA.

I’m over the moon. I still can’t believe that I have the nomination. It’s insane…” says Thia Megia on her nomination for the 47th Daytime Emmy Awards in an interview at Star FM.

Born to Filipino parents from Angeles, Pampanga in the Philippines, Thia grew up in San Joaquin County, California.

Apart from being a gifted musician with a beautiful soulful voice, a talent for playing the piano, and guitar, this girl can act!.  Jennifer Lopez had been right all along for calling her, “The total package.”  

Filipino-American Idol, Francisco Martin.

Days of Our Lives

In 2018, she almost passed up the opportunity to star in one of the longest-running television programs in the world, “Days of Our Lives” or the often abbreviated as “Days” and “DOOL.”

Originally written as pure Chinese, the character Haley Chen was changed to that of a half-Filipino when it was clear that Thia was perfect for the role.

The show even had her showcasing her singing by including it in the scripts and having her co-star Casey Moss croon along with her.

After her American Idol stint in 2011, Thia was given a chance to come out with two songs, ‘One Day’ and ‘We’ll Be There.’

After delving time into music, she landed a film role in the ‘Eye of Enmity’ and ‘Yellow Rose,’ short films in 2017. It opened her TV career since then.

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Thia Megia’s TV projects

2017Totally FunnySavannahSaffron / Hannah / HerselfEpisode: “Episode #1.4″Episode: “Episode dated 10 October 2017”
2017Pop Music HighAvaThree episodes
Tails of the BluePrincess CordeliaFour episodes
2018A.S.S. (A Scary Sleepover)KristenThree episodes
2018–2019Days of Our LivesHaley ChenRegular role
2019Coop & Cami Ask the WorldMinEpisode: “Would You Rather Get a Selfie?


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