The War on Conservative Media


The War on Conservative Media that began in 2015

Christians have become a minority in the USA after liberals won the battle against traditional marriage in 2015. In 2021, President Biden‘s Gender Equality Act marked a turning point that empowered LGBTQIA rights, wokeism, tokenism, and abortion access nationwide.

Since then, efforts to silence conservative media expressing dissenting opinions against these ideologies have led to trepidation and Christian persecution. After all, the followers of Jesus speak loudest against left-liberal culture.

1. Targeting internet platforms

2020: Conservative media ranks low

Data from Sistrix, a search consultancy monit” ring Google search keywords,” indicates a sharp decline in Breitbart and Daily Caller’s Google visibility. The drop started in 2017 and hit nearly zero by July 2019.

These websites are leading conservative sites that support Republican initiatives. Starting around 2017, Breitbart’s presence in searches dropped, and by mid-2019, it was notably diminished. The same trend affected the Daily Caller and its visibility on Google.

Both news outlets reported a substantial decrease in Google traffic as their search rankings fell, along with other media outlets DailyWire, National Review, and Epoch. [Real Politics]

Interstingly, left-leaning mainstream media bias published articles saying Google’s search algorithm promotes “extreme rightwing bias” on subjects as varied as climate change and homosexuality.

2021: Flagging social media accounts

In 2021, social media accounts of Trump supporters were canceled, while Facebook and Twitter suspended 70,000 accounts linked to the QAnon conspiracy. Parler shutdown and Trump allies banned from their platforms.

Conservatives were bashed in social media, and Trump supporters were castigated by relatives, families, Hollywood celebrities, atheists, and witches of America.

In the same year, “the Lifesitenew” account, a conservative Catholic group, ‘was locked on Twitter. At the same time, YouTube and Facebook permanently banned it for its pro-life and anti-LGBTQ stance.

Amazon Prime stopped streaming a documentary on Clarence Thomas, the only Black U.S. Supreme Court Justice, during Black History Month; he is a pro-life conservative who raised concerns about electoral fraud that made it appear he was supporting Trump.

2. Christian books banned

2020: Amazon and Apple flag Christian books

Amazon once removed “ex-gay” books by Christian authors advocating “freedom from homosexuality.” It sparked claims that the platform suppresses Christian redemption narratives. Critics lament Amazon is silencing voices, akin to a digital book burning.

The books were banned due to alleged violation of content guidelines and perceived offensiveness to the LGBTQ community, according to Amazon and Apple.

Notable titles, including ‘Restoring Sexual Identity’ by Anne Paulk and ‘Desire” In Conflict'” by Joe Dallas, were affected. Meanwhile, Amazon continues to sell controversial content while taking down these books.

3. The war on movies with conservative values

2023: Sound of Freedom

‘Sound of Freedom’ is a true story that exposes the horrific world of child trafficking. Federal agent Tim Ballard infiltrated horrible places saving 1,600 children from the global network of pedophilia. He felt helpless and frustrated by government bureaucracy prompting him to establish Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) in 2013.

Critics linked the film to QAnon, a conspiracy theory involving a secret “deep state” cult led by Democratic politicians and global elites, accused of engaging in pedophilia.

The movie also faced flak after President Trump, who declared war on pedophilia, endorsed the film. Trump is the most hated US president in American history, and even witches cast spells to prevent his re-election.

Moviegoers ranted, claiming the following:

  • AMC Theater switched off the air-conditioning to force people out of the theater. [Reddit]
  • An evacuation emergency forced moviegoers to stop watching. [Newsweek]
  • A “broken dimmer” forced moviegoers to watch it with lights on. [TikTok]
  • Tickets were allegedly sold out to deter people from buying tickets, though it was not.
  • Netflix and Amazon allegedly refused to stream the ‘Sound of Freedom’ movie.

In 2019, millionaire Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for sex trafficking that linked the elite, celebrities, and politicians to his alleged “Pedophile Island,” which exposed the war on children through human trafficking syndicates.

2018: Gosnell, The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer

The movie Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer’ in 2018 is based on the true story of the indictment of abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell. The movie is clearly pro-choice but not about religious faith. Still, it faced backlash from left liberals.

Former government agent James Wood, a pro-life Catholic, investigated and prosecuted Gosnell, a Black American. The movie had Christian support, including Hercules star Kevin Sorbo, who helped with its crowdfunding in 2014.

Gosnell movie canceled

Gosnell was released in 2018 and immediately faced backlash. Some theaters dropped the movie, and its promotion was blocked on Facebook, according to Sorbo.

Many see the ban as an attempt to suppress religious freedom, as prominent pro-life groups often have ties to Catholic and Christian organizations.

The movie also shows how militant pro-abortion students harass peaceful anti-abortion Catholics, demonstrating that it is ultimately a war against the Bible that depicts abortion as deeply Satanic.

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