The Story of “Save James” Damon Younger


Mom insists 6-Years old son is transgender and wants him to undergo a gender transition program

Dr. Anne Georgulas, the pediatrician and mother of James Damon Younger, wanted to enroll her first-grade son in a gender-affirming program at GENECIS. But her husband Jeff brought her to court.

Convinced that his seven years old son is gay and transgender, Dr. Georgulas changed his name, James, to Luna. She based it on her “expertise” and a therapist’s diagnosis of the sexuality of the young boy.

However, Jame’s dad claims his son prefers to wear boy’s clothes and even violently refuses to wear girls’ clothes.

In 2019, Anne enrolled James in kindergarten as a “girl.” However, he chose to attend school as a boy, reported Lifesite News.

It began with a McDonald’s toy

James’ mother first suspected his son’s sexuality in 2015. At five years old, he picked a “Frozen” McDonald’s toy, and along with other “feminine signs,” she and a therapist concluded James’ preferred sexuality.

The mother wants the father to pay for puberty blockers

Court documents available on the Save James website (but removed after the court rule) revealed that the wife also accused the father of child abuse in their divorce proceedings—he refused to pay for their child’s transgender therapy.

The mom wants to remove the father’s parental rights. James’ uncle says he likes basketball, but his mother encourages James to dress up like a girl and even puts nail polish on James.

James’s dad loses in court

On October 21, 2019, the 11-12 jury ruled in favor of the mother. James’ mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas, can transition him to a girl by subjecting him to chemical castration, puberty blockers, and, eventually, cross-sex hormones, reported Life Site News.

Judge Marzari also ordered dad not to refer to James as his daughter, which means he had to change his son’s gender pronouns.

The court hearing in 2022

According to the court hearing transcript released by Jeff Younger on September 1, 2022, his ex-wife Anne claims that his effort to discredit her affected her practice.

She said, “Jeff Publishes stuff and talks to people,” referring to his “Save James” campaign.

James’s mother: “Victim of lies”

Dr. Anne Georgolas said she got terrible reviews, and her business has suffered since 2020 as a result of the misinformation.

Anne claims that Jeff’s published information about her “transgender child” was inaccurate and her business vandalized, as the hearing transcript revealed.

In the same year, James’ mother indicated her desire to gender ‘transition’ her son, according to Jeff, and to move to California.

California is the poster child of left-liberal politics, and she would likely be able to do so without the father, Life NYounger’sled.

In 2023, the Texas Supreme Court denied Jeff Younger’s Writ of Mandamus, the petition to stop his ex-wife who wanted to move to California, reported Texas Record.

The story of James is a battle of worldviews

The government and medical experts are on it, saying gender transition is safe and they can de-transition. However, there’s no turning back for others, whether chemical or surgical procedures.

The Cleveland clinic claims that most people who choose gender affirmation surgeries report improved mental health and quality of life. But the Heritage Foundation says it doesn’t work, and they have evidence.

Hence the transgender craze in America is out of control. A battle of worldviews where children may suffer, where there’s a need for the legislature, explains a Harvard Law Review article.

Early diagnosis is critical because labeling a child with gender dysphoria can trigger a series of physical and mental consequences,” says Walt Heyer, a former transgender person.

A transgender psychologist Erica Anderson told the LA Times that she is horrified that even 13-year-old kids are getting hormone treatment without meeting psychologists.

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