The new Boracay!


Boracay reached its full capacity for local and foreign tourists in the summer of 2022

On April 26, 2018, the Philippine resort island of Boracay, one of the country’s major tourist destinations, was temporarily closed to tourists as part of the government’s efforts to rehabilitate and redevelop the island.

After taking a break for 6 months, Boracay reopens but it was not until the summer of 2022 that the island slowly regained its status as the busiest and most bustling tourist center in the Philippines.

Naturally, it took months before local tourists began flying back. To everyone’s delight, rehabilitation proved to be one of President Duterte’s best achievements.

What’s new in Boracay?

  • Cleaner beaches with no more annoying obstructions.
  • Wider main roads and new sidewalks.
  • Better drainage to support the ecosystem.
  • Color-coded E-trikes instead of gas-powered tricycles.
  • Visible and heightened security in the tourist beach belt.

Green streak in Boracay

It seems that every local on the island has caught on to the government’s attitude towards protecting our resources. From resort owners to paraw (native sailboats) skippers buying into Boracay’s newly forged identity as a model for sustainable tourism development.

A new system has been placed to protect not just the eco-system but tourists as well. The local Mayor and governor have implemented stricter measures to ensure no one violates the new and updated environmental codes.

That means no loitering at certain times and places, no littering, and even no smoking. All of these had become possible to the new mindset of Boracay locals and investors. The need for discipline.

Although the island’s eco-system has been upgraded, the airport remains to be what it was. It sill works though and actually adds that virgin island feel in Bora.
Depending on your resort destination, there are affordable houses to rent for a day or two, 3-stars accomodation to exclusive resorts that boasts of world-class facilities.
The sound of Boracay is resounding again. This time with better accomodations in and around the beautiful island.
“D-Mall” remains to be the iconic beach mall. You can get through the beach front or from the main road. As of 2022, masks are still recommended when going to public places.
The mall and surrounding hotels and resorts are fully operational.
Across D-Mall is a short strip of Korean-owned must-go places at the main road, station 2. Boracay is filled with many spas and some of the best massage go to such as the Hello Foot Massage Spa is located here.
Just oustide D-Mall, station 2 remains to be a bustling local and tourist beach front area.
There are more than a dozen of first class resorts. Although all beach front are now open to the public, regardless if you are checked-in or not in hotel resort across it, few people can reach some of these resorts.
A new decade awaits Bora. It’s for keepinbg. Who knew that Boracay would be transformed this way?

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