The Iconic Toyota Tamaraw


Resurrecting the Iconic Toyota Tamaraw FX in 2025

In February 2023, Toyota Philippines announced that it is investing P4.4 billion in the local production of the all-new Tamaraw that was first introduced in 1976.

Back then, it was a better alternative for public jeepneys because of its air conditioning, less bumpy ride, and the station-to-station bus-like system route, especially for corporate employees. 

The Tamaraw FX became the springboard for Toyota corporation’s success story throughout Asia. It also bolstered its reputation in the US.

4.4 Billion investment

According to GMA News, Toyota Motor Philippines president Atsuhiro Okamoto said, “We were committed to investing the P4.4 billion for light commercial vehicle” as an LCV or the Toyota IMV (Innovative International Multi-purpose Vehicle), similar to the intention of the 1970s Tamaraw.

The all-new Toyota Tamaraw will likely be manufactured in Toyota’s Santa Rosa, Laguna plant.


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