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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Ex-Thai Policewoman Becomes an American Nurse


Thai US immigrant Boommar Siriwan

I used to be a police officer for 12 years. I could barely speak English when I arrived in the USA. Immediately, I took ESL classes to improve my English so I can build a better future in my new country.

I know education is a strong factor to be successful. I told my friends I wanted to be a nurse in America – they laughed! A sound education will ensure our children grow up as admirable adults who will love our country and protect the constitution.

Today, I am an RN because I did something responsible.

My teacher had a political agenda

When I was in class, most of my professors were liberals. Their primary objective was to teach me English, but they also taught American history and culture as part of their curriculum.

They made me believe that rich people in America were evil conservatives who only cared about themselves. At the same time, liberals are good people who helped the poor and oppressed; eliminating social injustice. I naively believed what they said and for a while held the leftist view.

What I’ve learned as an immigrant

Coming from Thailand, I’ve realized America is one of the best countries in the world. This country gave me opportunities. I fully support our nation’s military, law enforcement, and fellow hard-working citizens. I won’t support lawlessness, those who want to destroy this land by killing, burning, and looting.

We need to change our education system, teachers shouldn’t be pushing politics. We must teach kids to behave responsibly and think independently, logically, and reasonably. We must observe what people teach our kids.

If teachers are influencing them with Marxist and socialist ideologies, they must be rebuked and removed from public teaching. America is not a communist country!

Boommar Siriwan walks away

Today, I walk away from a left-wing and far-left ideology. I will not standby and watch radicals tear down my adopted country. I will speak out for what I believe in without fear of radical liberalism.

I will not standby and watch radicals tear down my adopted country.

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