Supplement that Boosts Dopamine in Depression


Egg extract supplement that boosts dopamine and lower cortisol to fight depression

Stress and depression can have significant impacts on our physical and emotional well-being. While the exact cause of depression remains elusive, it is known that elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol can lead to the release of glucocorticoids in our bodies.

This hormonal response is intended to help us cope with stress, but prolonged exposure to stress can result in various health issues.

Increased blood sugar, immune system suppression, compromised inflammation control, osteoporosis, slowed wound healing, increased abdominal fat, and depressive moods are among the general side effects of elevated cortisol levels.

Although stress can be harmful when experienced for an extended period, cortisol levels are typically higher in the morning and lower at night.

One natural approach to combating stress is egg protein extract, Young Tissue Extract, or YTE. This supplement contains naturally occurring Fibroblast Growth Factor derived from partially incubated eggs.

Research has shown that regular intake of Laminin can help regulate cortisol levels while increasing dopamine levels in the body.

These effects were observed in a small-scale experiment. The study included 12 days of consistent Laminin usage. It involved 28 participants (16 women and 12 men) between 36 and 83; salivary cortisol levels were measured.

On average, the cortisol levels were reduced by 23.7 percent. Sixteen participants started on a higher intake of Laminin, taking four capsules twice a day, while the remaining 12 participants began with one tablet twice per day.

“High levels of cortisol accelerate the aging process. A recent study discovered a 23% reduction of cortisol levels in individuals after almost two weeks of taking Laminin.”

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