Study: School Club Curb College Depression

Study show joining a school org help curb the spike in depression, suicide among Filipino college students

American student Kristen Anderson committed suicide at the railway train but survived. Last year, a 15-years old boy crossed the Glen Ellyn railway to die, while 20 students in India committed suicide after failing their exam.

In the Philippines, suicide among teens rose drastically in the last two years. A college Professor shared to Filam Tribune three suicides in one year.

Dr. Chua, PGH Psychiatry Department said in an interview with Rappler, at least one young person comes to the emergency room for a suicide attempt.

University students at risk, triggered by relationship

According to a study, it’s mostly university students who commit suicide. Lifestyle, finances, parental, and peer relationships are contributing factors. [NCBI, 2013]

Mental illness is an easy way to explain the phenomenon, but there could be demonic elements and temptations that surround someone to kill themselves.

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Student involvement in college organizations are less depressed, study shows

A recent study in 2019 shows a positive affect and life satisfaction among students involved in school organizations. Students in school clubs. demonstrated lower depression scores. [Cleofas, Taylor & Francis 2019]

These findings confirm the research of Sternoff, Csikszentmihalyi, Schneider, and Shernoff, suggesting mood (emotional tendencies) has a significant relationship with student engagement. [Flow Theory]

Filam Tribune’s interview with a school club organization confirms how relationships thwart students’ depressive tendencies through small groups. For example, the club conducts regular “anti-depression seminars” and offers student mentoring.

Suicide spike and birth of social media

Suicide incidents in the Philippines rose to about 20 percent since 2000. It was during this period Facebook created an abnormal social dimension. It could explain the dangerous trend.

Can religion help with depression?

WW2 survivor Corrie Ten Boom said her faith in Christ kept her sanity. As the only Catholic nation in Asia, Filipinos are religious, yet the suicide rate remains an upward trend.

What is true is that the Bible says Satan wants to kill God’s children. Depression and anxiety are his tools, but true faith in Jesus can set you free, said Hayden Kho.

Watch Hayden Kho’s testimony:

The root cause of depression remains elusive; faith may help overcome being depressed.

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