Conservatives More Egalitarian Than Liberals


Study Show Conservatives are more egalitarian; treat others with equality compared to Liberals

Recent experiments suggest that liberals treat people unequally in certain situations because of sex, race, and group status. Two studies by two different research teams concluded, reported Psychology Today.

Liberals tend to treat people “more unequally” based on sex, race, and group status

Left-leaning participants showed more favor when women were portrayed more favorably than men than when men were portrayed more favorably than women.

Based on the experiments and quasi-experiments, it is liberals who tend to treat information and people more unequally based on sex, race, and group status. [PNAS; Research Gate]

In a Twitter study, liberals were more likely to amplify the successes of female and Black athletes than male and White athletes. In contrast, conservatives treated the successes of groups more equally. I


Conservatives on equality

Conservatives are more tolerant of “inequality of outcomes,” which is often mistaken as approving. However, it might be that conservatives prioritize “equality of treatment” and see unequal outcomes as an unfortunate side effect.

Conservatives treated the passages more comparably. 


Of course, it does not mean liberals are not egalitarian. It may be because politics and mainstream media portrayals portray a particular social norm.

Liberals prioritize equality of outcomes and view unequal treatment (at least for a time) as a means of attaining equal outcomes, Dr. Cory Clark said.

Left-Liberal Universities bias

In 2021, a new study conducted at the University of London found conservative professors and students are “guaranteed” discrimination. A third of them were threatened with discipline for expressing their views, the Free Beacon reported.


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