Son of Hamas Mosab Yousef blasts Pro-Palestinians


Son of Hamas co-founder—Mosab Hassan Yousef, blasts ignorant Pro-Palestinians for supporting a monster


  • Mosab Yousef called pro-Palestinian supporters “useful idiots” for Hamas propaganda.
  • There is no distinction between Gaza Palestinians and Hamas terrorists.
  • Hamas uses children as human shields.
  • Iran is Hamas’ primary financial supporter and incentivizes “suicide bombers.”
  • “Palestinians” is a modern, invented, and misleading term that should be retired.

“Useful idiots” for Hamas propaganda

Mosab Yousef, the son of “Hamas co-founder” Sheikh Hassan Yousef, blasted pro-Palestinian activists for supporting what he called evil monsters.

Mosab said, “Pro-Palestinians are supporting a monster,” and belittled “ignorant” student supporters, calling them”useful idiots” for Hamas propaganda.

He stressed NO difference between Palestinians in Gaza and the “Hamas terrorists” because they support the same evil cause. [Dr. Phil, Fox News]

According to an AP Poll, Palestinians favored the genocide attack on Israel on October 7. If IDF arrived much later, the terrorists would have reached more cities and killed more Jews. Something they’ve been attempting to do for the last 70 years.

Pro-Palestinian are giving Hamas cover

Youseff said pro-Palestinian advocates are “Participants in a crime… [they] need to go to a mental asylum.” “October 7 was a crime against humanity. It was a genocide. Pro-Palestine [people] are actually giving Hamas cover,” he said

Mosab Hassan Yousef (مصعب حسن يوسف) was a Palestinian ex-militant who defected to Israel in 1997 and moved to the USA in 2007. His father, Sheikh Hassan Yousef, was a co-founder of Hamas.

No such thing as Palestinians

Yousef, who is an Arab who defected to Israel, affirmed Israel’s right to exist and insisted there is no such thing as Palestinians. “Palestinian” was a general term applied to all inhabitants of the area, including Jews.

He also lectured journalist(s) about history and reminded them that Palestinian was an invented colonial term used by Yasser Arafat when the PLO was formed in 1964. [Morgan interview]

Mosab rebuked the ignorant and false narrative, doubling down on the true intent of “From the river to the sea,” which is a call to obliterate Israel from the map.

Hamas and other Islamic factions are separate tribes with conflicting interests. Without Israel as a common enemy, they would turn against each other, and supporting them would have catastrophic global consequences, he said.

World without Israel

Hamas’ most significant financial backer and supporter is Iran, and Yousef claims that Hamas leaders have been living off billions of financial aid coming from all over the world.

In 2005, Iran President Ahmadinejad said that Israel should be wiped off the map during the “World Without Zionism” conference in Tehran.

Hatred against Jews

The history of Palestine and Israel’s right to their ancient land is documented and supported by archaeological evidence.

The ignorant narrative of apartheid doesn’t exist in Israel but is rather evident among many Palestinians who hate Jews and want to see them eradicated.

Unfortunately, the hatred against Jews is being perpetuated by left-liberal educators who refuse to call out terrorism and genocide inflicted on Israel to support woke political correctness. [IHE, 2023]


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