Solution to Social Inequality in the Philippines


A warning for lawmakers not to follow Western influence in solving social inequality in the Philippines

Philippine lawmakers should be cautious in solving social inequities and not model them after American policies.

In the USA, the solution is centered on the false pretense of racial justice and collectivism rather than personal responsibility. There is a heavy emphasis on victimhood where policies are created around it that has led to lawlessness and more poverty.

While it is true that America provides more accessible education, food, and health care than third-world countries, illiteracy is high. Obesity is chronic, and there is so much food waste and poor distribution of resources.

Instead of progress, America has sunk deeper into racial divides and rampant criminal activities where young people can steal in broad daylight without consequences.

Left-liberal educators and medical degree holders alienate parents because they assume they know better.

The irony is that they could not even define what a woman is and insist men who say they’re women have a right to compete against biological women in sports as well as use girls’ bathrooms.

Identity politics in America

Identity politics is a dominant force that veered away from traditional American values. They gave way to dangerous social equality by justifying legal abortion as a women’s right, as well as same-sex marriage.

Bipartisan politics is good in the sense that it distinguishes the godly from the ungodly. But unlike in the Philippines, politics is a mix of the godly and those who pretend to be one, which is why church leaders are solely responsible for promoting godly characters.

Failure of the church

Identity politics has also supplanted religion in guiding many Americans. “Woke churches” have prioritized racial and gender identities by placing them on the altar of their pride. The advocate for their political rights—fuelled by their self-righteous perception.

In the Philippines, the biggest church organizations, CBPC, PCEC, and NCCP, are also so deep in self-righteousness that they’ve conflated politics and the Bible—even though the message of Christ alone transforms a nation.

This is social equality in America:

  • Abortion is health care; the government pays for it. It is considered as women’s rights protected by law. To go against it is social inequality.
  • They print money to dole out cash to the unemployed. This discourages people from taking personal responsibility.
  • Many children are undisciplined in public schools because most teachers would rather be politically correct than discipline them.
  • They have free food in school wasted by tonnes and grow up taking provisions for granted. They expect the government to always provide instead of taking personal responsibility.
  • Students are brainwashed into Marxist thinking. They become demanding and entitled adults who think socialism is good.
  • At least 70 percent of Americans are overweight or obese. They demand health care privileges without taking personal responsibilities through healthy living.


What Filipino needs to address social inequality

Collectivists in the Philippines have the strongest voice for wanting social change. However, they clamor for socialist ideas to solve social inequalities, which are not the solution.

Socialism has never worked. Prominent economist Thomas Sowell said, “Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it.”

Instead, the government should instill patrimony, and the school should teach godly character and personal responsibility.

In the USA, patrimony is dead, and those who push it are labeled extremists. Educators have taken God out of the school system and lash out against those who speak of God.

Instead of teaching personal responsibility through consequences, laziness is accommodated, justified by the rise of mental conditions.


The government can utilize Good Manners and Right Conduct curriculum (GMRC) to promote cultural patrimony, godliness, and personal responsibility.

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