Solution to Social Inequality in the Philippines


A warning for lawmakers not to follow western influence in solving social inequality in the Philippines

Philippine lawmakers should be cautious in solving social inequities and not pattern it with western policies. In contrast, food is abundant in the USA that food waste amounts to 40 million tonnes a year.

America provides better free education and health care than third-world countries, but truancy and obesity are chronic. Thus, their social inequality is triggered differently by victimhood, racial issues—all rooting for socialism.

Social inequality in America is triggered by socialism

To adapt the way the USA address the issue will thoroughly destroy the crumbling Filipino identity

Identity politics is a dominant force that veered away from traditional American values. They gave way to dangerous social equality by justifying legal abortion as women’s rights in 1973.

In 2015, the US Supreme court legalized same-sex marriage. As liberal politicians cheered on LGBTQ rights, it empowered trans activists to bully Christians. In the Philippines, the SOGIE Bill may be the precedent.

This is social equality in America:

  • Abortion is health care; the government pays for it. It is considered as women’s rights protected by law. To go against it is social inequality.
  • They print money to dole cash to the unemployed. It discourages people from working harder and calls this progressive, which has backfired.
  • Many children are undisciplined in public schools because most teachers would rather be politically correct than discipline them.
  • They have free food in school wasted by tonnes and grow up taking provisions for granted. They expect the government always to provide, instead of taking personal responsibility.
  • Students are brainwashed to Marxist thinking. They become demanding and entitled adults who think socialism is good.
  • At least 70 percent of Americans are overweight or obese. They demand health care privileges without taking personal responsibilities through healthy living.

Social inequality and collectivism

The west has taken out God and has resulted in a new kind of demonic social inequality. Collectivists are demanding social change deeply rooted in socialism that promotes atheism. The concept of collectivism will only trigger the “Juan Tamad” among Filipinos.

What Filipino needs to address social inequality

Accountability from trustworthy non-political NGOs is fruitful in addressing social inequality. This is what Mayors Vico Sotto and Isko Moreno have proactively been doing, and it’s fruitful so far.

  1. Cultural patrimony
  2. Godly character
  3. Personal responsibility
The government can utilize Good Manners and Right Conduct curriculum (GMRC) to promote cultural patrimony, godliness, and personal responsibility.

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