SkyCool: Future of Cooler Roofing


SkyCool, the future of home roofing cooling system without electricity

SkyCool technology has never been out there before. The panel is a dual film with nano properties that make it reflective. When exposed to the sun, they’re almost blinding because of how it deflects heat and light.

The panel blocks the sun’s heat lowering the temperature to about 40 degrees or less on a hot day. Thus helping reduce air conditioning condenser workload by cooling it down.

Saves energy and money

The panel system improves the efficiency of any vapor-compression-based cooling system, saving customers money and preventing the emissions of CO2 and other harmful greenhouse gases.

The technology behind the roof cooling system

SkyCool Systems’ patented technology turns the sky into a renewable resource for cooling by rejecting heat. It is the first company to employ radiative sky cooling with air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

The cooling panel system hopes to be the future of roofing, especially in warm countries like India and the Philippines.

How it works?

The film reflects sunlight to prevent the panels from heating up during the day. It emits infrared heat as the sky cools.

A key design is a cooling fluid that’s pumped and flowing within and under the panel 24/7.

The panels’ temperature can drop up to 15°F below the ambient temperature with zero electricity input.

SkyCool’s panels can be used as an add-on to air conditioning and refrigeration systems. In some rare situations, it can even replace an air conditioning unit.

How much are these cooling panels?

As an add-on, the duo film yields between 10% to 40% efficiency improvement depending on the integration. You can expect an 80% to 90% energy reduction for cooling.

However, they are more expensive than solar panels. One of their customers said they saved more. Hopefully, the cost of production will be cost-efficient within ten to thirty years.

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