Should You Take ‘Out of Shadows’ Seriously?


Is Out of Shadow 2020 documentary a “dangerous misinformation” YouTube, Google, Facebook flagged misleading?

Out of Shadows 2020 is a 77-minutes documentary that lifts the veil of mainstream media and its bias. It alleges how TV networks, Hollywood, and left-liberal politicians form part of a sinister web.

The docu-film alleges, among other things, that Hollywood is run by Satanic pedophilia rings that distribute propaganda through films like Zoolander music videos of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. It gets crazier and surreal as it exposes a discreet set of symbols that “channels” psychic communication.

Taken down as another misleading content by religious conservatives

Social media platforms blocked Out of Shadow Documentary. It no longer appears on Google even if one uses the exact keywords. It is banned by Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Paypal.

Reviews criticizing the docu rank higher, pushing the official website to unsearchable. Mainstream media charged ‘Out of Shadow’ spreading lies, fear, and fake news.

  • Facebook removed the Out of Shadow account.
  • Twitter removed the Out of Shadow account.
  • YouTube removed the Out of Shadow account.
  • Their video was repeatedly removed from YouTube.
  • It’s been downgraded by Google not to rank.
  • You cannot post URL on Facebook.
Out of Shadows was directed and produced by Mike Smith. You can watch the video through It won’t appear on Google search.

About Mike Smith

Mike Smith is a Christian supporter of former President Trump and the Qanon conspiracy. He is currently the Innovation Director of Blueprint Cinema Research.

According to his LinkedIn, Smith graduated from Auburn University. He describes himself as a professional high-diver turned award-winning stuntman, turned screenwriter, turned director, turned film production technologist.

He worked with Warner, Paramount, Universal, Sony, MGM. Smith is also a member of the Writers Guild of America, Directors Guild of America, Screen Actors Guild, and The Academy.

According to the Out of Shadow website, the project was independently produced and funded. Patriots it with the sole purpose of getting the truth out there. Whether or not they are telling the truth remains to be seen.

Mike Smith’s personal account has been deactivated from Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of mainstream social media platforms.

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