Should Schools Mandate Mask?


Should Catholic and Christian Schools Mandate Mask, COVID Vaccine?

Very few Christian schools have made mask-wearing optional. In Republican states like Florida, the “anti-left” Governor De Santis has given parents that option. A Swedish study done in 2021 concludes that masks don’t work. But that’s the outlier.

Mandated masks may discriminate or alienate students for being branded non-compliant. Already, the left is subtly blaming “unvaccinated people” for COVID deaths.

The Illinois policy on wearing masks against COVID-19 follows CDC guidelines. Phase 5 does not say it is a state law. CDC does not make laws, but institutions can make their policies to mandate masks.

Conservative Catholics, liberal Christians clash

Recently Catholic priest Fr. James Altman was blasted by Faithful America for his “anti-mask” and “anti-vaccine” rhetoric. Faithful America is known for its “woke” and social justice advocacy.

As some Christian schools and churches embrace moralistic therapeutic deism, social justice & politics, Christian institutions forcing masks is a clear example of fear. CDC has not come out with scientific data to support its claims.

Mask for protection is not entirely based on science but fear.

The “bandwagon of fear”

According to Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel, wearing a mask for protection is not entirely based on science but fear. In contrast, Dr. Anthony Fauci said it is based on the evolution of science.

“Experts” claim that if doctors wear masks to avoid contamination, so should we. However, doctors also wear hats, scrubs, and gloves. CDC says that a cloth mask is not a reliable level of protection.

Christian school loses state support

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) removed Parkview Christian Academy in Yorkville, IL, from its list of state-funded public schools for not enforcing a strict mask mandate.

The school isn’t anti-mask but wants to give students and parents the choice to wear them or not, says its president.

Trusting the ‘experts’

In contrast, Christian school Wheaton College required students to wear masks in 2021 and proof of vaccination. In an email, admin assistant Amy Hillstrom said, “CDC are experts in their field, and we do look at what they have to say.

CDC is criticized for not having enough data to back up its “mask mandate.” ‘CDC’s credibility is eroding’ amid conflicting mask guidance, ex-Obama official said.


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