History of slavery & it’s not what you think


Five inconvenient truths about slavery that mainstream media will not tell you

1. Slavery was not “invented” by white people

The story of slavery did not start in 1619 when the first enslaved people came to Jamestown. It existed before then. It neither began in 1492 when Columbus discovered the New World.

When the intrepid explorer landed in the Bahamas, the native Taino tribe hoped he could help them defeat their aggressive neighbors, the Caribs.

The Caribs enslaved the Taino and occasionally served them for dinner. Slavery existed in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. The word “slave” actually comes from the Slavs of Eastern Europe.

Millions of them — all white, by the way — were captured and enslaved by Muslims in the ninth century and later by the Ottoman Turks.

2. Slavery existed in the Roman Empire

Slavery was evident during the Roman Empire when they controlled the Mediterranean and most of Europe from the 1st through the 5th centuries. Slavery existed when Alexander the Great conquered Persia in the 4th century BC.

It was so common that Aristotle considered it “natural.” The enslaved person/master model was just how the world operated in the great philosopher’s day. Slavery existed during the time of the ancient Egyptians five thousand years ago.

As far back as we can go in human history, we find slavery. As historian John Steele Gordon notes, “Enslaved people were a major item of commerce…As much as a third of the population of the ancient world was enslaved.”

4. The first “legal slave” owner was a Black

Anthony Johnson, a man of African descent, was one of the first documented individuals to own a slave in the American colonies legally.

Johnson was a former indentured servant who had gained his freedom in the early 17th century and acquired land and other property in Virginia.

In 1654, he went to court to demand that a fellow African man, John Casor, be declared his slave for life. The court granted Johnson’s request, effectively establishing Casor as the first legally recognized slave in Virginia.

5. White people were the first to put an end to slavery formally

In 1833, Britain was the first country to pass a Slavery Abolition Act. They were quickly followed by France, who, in 1848, abolished slavery in her many colonies.

Then came the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

After centuries of human slavery, white men led the world in putting an end to the abhorrent practice. That includes the 300,000 Union soldiers, overwhelmingly white, who died during the Civil War.

Reparation for the slaves


Persistent lies we hear today to push a political agenda—Candace Owens

Human history is complicated. No race stands guiltless, but today, very little is told about the murderous Persian Empire, the cannibalism of indigenous tribes of North and South America, or the heinous actions under the imperialistic empires.

Instead, we’re told that slavery is a white phenomenon.

The truth is that Africans were sold into slavery by other black Africans. Whites didn’t go into the interior and round up the natives.

The African Kings were the ones who captured their people and confined them in cages to be traded as slaves.

Slavery is happening in Africa now

There are currently around 700,000 estimated slaves in Africa, which is nearly twice the number of slaves who were brought to the United States.

Human trafficking and forced child labor are also prevalent in the sub-Saharan region where the transatlantic slave trade originated.

Today, African bodies are being sold like they were during the transatlantic slave trade, but this time, they are not being purchased by white countries. Instead, slavery is being practiced in nonwhite countries.


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