Short History of Palestine Israel Conflict


Etymology of Palestine

The word Palestinians today appears derived from Philistia, but not exactly. Philistines and Palestinians are different groups of people from different eras. [Times of Israel]

The prophet Jeremiah predicted the destruction of the Philistines, and none of the “Biblical Philistines” exist today.

Emperor Hadrian hated the Jews. He wanted to spite them for their incessant revolting. He sold all Jewish prisoners into slavery, forbade the teaching of the Torah, and renamed their territory.

Since the Biblical Philistines were their persistent enemy, what greater insult would it be to name their land (Judea) into Syria-Palestinia in 132 A.D. [Britanica]

Southern Syria, not Palestine

The Ottomans and Arabs who lived in Palestine referred to the area as Southern Syria, not Palestine, where a small minority Jewish population remained. [Jewish Library]

In 1887-88, the area later became Mandatory Palestine was divided into three administrative units.

The name “Palestine” became common in Early Modern English. It was used, for example, by the Crusaders in the Middle Ages.

Philistia is NOT the same as Palestinians today

The Philistines arrived in the Levant (an area that includes modern-day Israel, Gaza, Lebanon, and Syria) during 12 B.C. They have been extinct since the early part of the 7th century.

Quarters of Jerusalem

New groups settled parts of their land after their last period of exile in 70 A.D. The reason we find large groups of Muslims, Arminians, Palestinians, and Christians (other than Jews) in the once Jewish-dominated country.

Palestinian applies to anyone living in the area, including Jews

Jews born during the Mandate of Palestine (British occupation) have birth certificates stating they were born in “Palestine.” Historically, the term “Palestinian” applied to anyone living there, including Jewish people.


Philistines and Palestinians are different groups of people from different eras.

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