San Francisco Mass Looting Out of Control


As crimes surge in San Francisco, California, mass looting gets out of control

In July 2021, stores like Target acknowledged San Francisco’s high retail crime and decided to close stores earlier in the day to cut down on shoplifting, reported ABC 7.

In 2023, flagship stores Wholefoods and Nordstrom have had enough of the crime and decided to close shop.

Videos across social media show it’s mostly blacks who are involved in widespread looting, and the Marxist group, Black Lives Matter, has been quoted saying, “Looting is reparation.”


Brazen shoplifting in broad daylight

On June 14, a video below, shot by a customer at @Walgreens on Gough & Fell Streets in San Francisco, shows a black man who appears to be looting the store.

Scenes like these have become common, and the store and bystanders could not do anything out of fear of black belligerence.

San Francisco’s current city Mayor, London Breed, is a Democrat, criticized for diverting police funds, failing to penalize crime, and allowing homelessness to proliferate. [Change]

Garbage, too, is out of control

In 2022, to address the growing trash problem in the city and replace its aging bins, city officials introduced a trash can that will cost taxpayers $19,000 and $11,000 each.

Rachel Gordon of Public Works says that her department picks up “about 90,000 pounds of litter and debris a week” from the streets of San Francisco and knows that the old cans just aren’t up to the job anymore. [KQED]

San Francisco began its search for the perfect trash can in 2018 to replace the more than 3,000 public bins on the streets for almost 20 years.

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