Religious Discrimination in Schools In USA


Religious discrimination in American public schools amidst growing immorality and academic decline

Blatant religious discrimination is rising in public schools. Religious conservatives ultimately see it as a Satanic assault in public schools. Interestingly, as school politics increasingly “liberal and progressive,” academic literacy declines.

Bremerton High School

In 2015, the school authority forbade coach Joseph Kennedy of Bremerton High School in Washington State to stop praying at the midfield.

It’s been customary for the coach to do this after every game as his way of thanking God. Kennedy continued his practice and was eventually terminated. [Seattle Time]

In 2023, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 in favor of Kennedy. The conservative justices were in the majority, and the liberals were in dissent.

The victory of Kennedy was a critical landmark decision that upheld religious freedom, which school administrators have no constitutional rights.

Cameron High School

In 2019, Cameron High School coaches Jeff Wallace and David Stucky from Missouri were accused of proselytizing students by leading a voluntary Christian prayer.

The prayer was voluntary, but an anonymous team member complained that the coaches pressured students to participate, which the coaches denied.

A school investigation found that there was no coercion.

Atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) sent a letter to the Cameron School District in Missouri, claiming the “prayer was unconstitutional.”

However, Missouri AG Eric Schmitt stated that Cameron High School won’t face legal issues for their postgame prayer tradition.

He called the threats from the Freedom from Religion Foundation baseless.

The Attorney General labeled the group as anti-religion, saying, “FFRF is an extreme anti-religion organization that seeks to intimidate local governments into surrendering their citizens’ religious freedom…[Cameron News]

Manchester Elementary School

In the same year, Manchester Elementary prohibited using “Christian ornaments” as holiday decorations because it is equivalent to promoting “Christianity.” The school principal, Jennifer Sinclair, forbade them inside the school.

Teachers were advised that winter-themed items like sledding and scarves, as well as the character Olaf from “Frozen,” were allowed.

However, decorations featuring Santa, Christmas trees, reindeer, green and red colors, and candy canes were deemed unacceptable at the elementary school. [Fox News]

In 2020, officials at Simpson Elementary School, Mississippi, forced a student to remove the mask because it had “Jesus” on it.

Nine-year-old Lydia Booth wore a face mask with “Jesus Loves Me” printed on it. School officials forced young Lydia to remove the mask. She can wear something else that has no “Jesus” on it.

Glenbard North High School

Religious discrimination in public high schools is rising, but one school in Illinois seemed to be the cornucopia of what is wrong in American schools.

Amidst disrespect, immorality, and academic decline, students had their share of racism, drug-related problems, and religious discrimination—common in many American public schools.

A decade ago, one pastor called Glenbard North a “ghetto school” and pulled his son out. A retired Christian teacher who now lives in Covenant Living claimed the location was once an Indian cemetery, pointing out that the problem was spiritual.

Alienating parents

In 2021, principal John Mensik banned an Asian and immigrant substitute teacher from working at the building following a dispute with a security guard who was white.

The substitute also claimed religious discrimination by the Dean of Student Services, Debra Cartwright, who forbade him from spending time with his daughter during lunch break, calling it “unprofessional.”

Cartwright also rejected the parent’s request to spend a minute so he and his daughter could pray together, as she suffers from anxiety.

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