Look! Raymond Lauchengco’s art sculpture


Raymond Lauchengco’s awe-inspiring wood metal art sculpture and functional art

During the pandemic lockdown, Raymond’s family was disquieted by a tragedy and a series of health issues. On the first day of the 2020 lockdown, he began to saw, carve, hammer, and smash to create art as respite.

It was during this time that he discovered or rather rediscovered his talent in what really is living poetry in motionless sculpture. Hence, Lauchengco’s “Ikagai art series.”

The art of Raymond Launchengco

Eureka! by Raymond Lauchengco. Treated Talisay wood (tropical almond), composite gold leaf.
Triton by Raymond Lauchengco. “This ordinary yet never-say-die tree branch knew exactly what it wanted to become all along!…”

Raymond Lauchengco’s “ikigai”

Raymond’s family would spend a month or two in the U.S. or Canada for leisure and work. It was hectic until the pandemic. Suddenly, he had all the time in the world.

Then he senses a voice inside of him telling him to go outside, do something with his hands, and voila! He began creating works of art from whatever he found.

Like a thunderous clap, ideas were just popping into Raymond’s hands, even as he slept and as he woke up. Well, he’s an artist after all—and he found his “Ikigai.”

Ikigai is a Japanese concept referring to something that gives a person a sense of purpose, a reason for living, and Lauchengco’s works tell precisely just that.

Twin Lakes by Raymond Lauchengco. “It was as if my world got sucked into a black hole and disappeared, and all that was left was an unsettling silence within a dark cloud of uncertainty.”
Noche Buena by Raymond Lauchengco. Made from eucalyptus wood and twig with (flameless) tea lights.
2020, Dance with the wind by Raymond Lauchengco. “One day, a little boy whose family lived in the valley down below climbed the hill and chanced upon the unusual tree…”
Hiding Place by Raymond Lauchengco

Each is one of a kind

Raymond Lauchengco is best known for his iconic role in the “Bagets” movie 1984. Since then, Lauchengco has performed in over 30 countries as a concert and recording artist and directed numerous international live events while documenting his personal and business travels in digital and unique film photography.

Today, he ventured into creating one-of-a-kind functional art and each piece is one of a kind.

See Raymond’s work in Alabang

For more information, visit Laya.com or contact info@raymondlauchengco.com for his upcoming new collection this fall.

Raymond Lauchengco in 2022. (Photo via Facebook)


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