Rappler Accused of Being Communist Mouthpiece


Maria Ressa’s Rappler, accused of being a mouthpiece of the CCP, NPA, and NDF communist groups, files a complaint against Undersecretary Badoy

On April 19, 2022, Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa filed an administrative complaint against communications Undersecretary Lorraine Badoy over ‘malicious and defamatory’ posts and articles against the journalist.

Rappler cited at least nine instances that Badoy published content on her verified Facebook page or through official websites that branded Ressa an ‘enemy of the state,’ the video said.

On April 20, 2022, Undersecretary and NTF ELCAC spokesperson Lorraine Marie Badoy released the following press statement. She is an outspoken supporter of President Duterte, who Maria Ressa also criticized.


Press statement of Undersecretary Badoy posted on her Facebook.

Full transcript of Undersecretary Badoy’s scathing post against Maria Ressa

The complaint filed by convicted criminal Maria Ressa (on bail pending appeal) against me is nothing more than one more attempt by the CPP NPA NDF to silence the NTF ELCAC because, indeed, Rappler is a mouthpiece of this terrorist organization.

Ressa’s Nobel Peace Prize

She has claimed that I have disparaged the Nobel Peace Prize. Still, nothing could have disparaged the Nobel Peace Prize more than the conferment of it on Maria Ressa—someone who’s had no real achievements of her own that promoted peace—except the movies she created in her mind about herself—and someone who has caused much strife with the vicious and outrageous lies.

The same lies of the CPP NPA NDF that she spreads about our country and a much beloved President and his singular contributions to a country that was managing to crawl its way out of the dark and proudly keeping in step with the rest of the world.

Not only has the Nobel Peace Prize been disparaged by Maria Ressa but disparaged beyond repair.

The day it was awarded to her was the day the Nobel Peace Prize died and was exposed for what it had come to mean to the Filipino people: a worthless, dangerous trinket conferred by powerful puppet masters on vassals with no real love for the country and who willingly do the bidding of their Western overlords to cause war, bloodshed, and grief.

Rappler, a foreign-funded blog site

She has fashioned herself as a martyr to a gullible Western media by lying about the state of the Philippine press in what must be the most unrestrained free press in the known democratic world when all she is is a common criminal convicted of cyber libel (on bail pending appeal) by the horrid lies she’s told about ordinary citizens using her clout as head of a foreign-funded blog site that’s violated Philippine SEC laws wholesale.

Rappler took it upon itself to guard the truth as a fact-checker of Facebook, a platform with 75 million Filipinos, to silence those of us who speak the truth about the CPP NPA NDF. It has been one of its fiercest protectors and defenders– no different from the CPP NPA ND- created Bulatlat and Kodao.


It has, for instance, insisted that “Lumad” is not a term used by the CPP NPA NDF to make the commission of the most horrific crimes against the indigenous peoples easier despite an en banc resolution (No. 08-009-2021 series of 2021) filed by the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples denouncing the use of this word “lumad” and where it was resolved “to inform the public to also refrain from using ‘\lumad in their reference to ICCs/IPs.

They’ve lent cover to the CPP NPA NDF schools of the Save Our Schools Network, another creation of the CPP NPA NDF like ALCADEV, Salugpungan, TRIFFPS, and MISFI– that are, in reality, terrorist training camps for our indigenous peoples where some of the worst crimes were committed against IPs like recruitment, radicalization, human trafficking, kidnapping, sexual abuse, child abuse, slavery, terrorist financing.

They have consistently, faithfully, and tenaciously echoed the lies of the CPP NPA NDF–despite official pronouncements by the Philippine government to the contrary and have put our national security and the safety of our citizens in jeopardy.

Egregious fact-checking

Of recent note is their egregious “fact-checking” on the National Security Adviser himself, Secretary Hermogenes Esperon Jr, when he said that the Makabayan Bloc (also known as KABAG: KABATAAN, ANAKPAWIS, BAYAN MUNA, ACT TEACHERS, GABRIELA) that the NTF ELCAC including no less than the President of the Republic of the Philippines himself has identified as urban operatives of the CPP NPA NDF.

In doing so, they have put the lives, liberty, and security of the Filipino people in grave danger– more so in the days leading to the May 9 election when the CPP NPA NDF is making a heroic bid to postpone their now inevitable demise.

They put back in Congress their most ruthless, most dependable urban operatives—KABAG, to once again breathe life into a terrorist organization that has, for 53 years, brought nothing but grief and destruction to our country.


Satire cartoon of the multi-awarded Rappler journalist Maria Ressa. Rappler’s website is currently the most distrusted news outlet in the Philippines for the last three years based Reuters report. Ressa continues to be demonized and canceled by netizens for her journalistic integrity.

Conduct is “unbecoming of an official”

Maria Ressa has accused me of conduct unbecoming of a “high-ranking government official who is expected to observe the highest degree of excellence, professionalism, intelligence, and skill.”

I submit that there can be no better conduct of a high government official than to uphold my oath of office to defend and protect the Constitution from all threats and to use the powers vested in me to defeat a terrorist organization that has destroyed our people and our bright promise as a nation.

Like the President whose lead I follow and who has taught so many of us the true meaning of public service, I gladly offer my life to my country, and like him, my only regret is that I have but one life to offer.

There is nothing–NOTHING–not the numerous nuisance complaints filed by the CPP NPA NDF and its allies–certainly not Maria Ressa nor Rappler -that will stop the NTF ELCAC from speaking the truth about the CPP NPA NDF and destroying it.

We are grateful to the Filipino people whose love and support we feel. Badoy concluded her post with the following:

Maraming salamat, mga kababayan. Ramdam na ramdam namin na kasama namin kayo sa laban na ito at nasa frontlines pa talaga kayo. Napapapatunayan nyo na tunay na magiting ang Pilipino at tulad namin sa Task Force, ang balon na pinagkukuhaan nyo ng pagmamahal sa Bayan ay malalim at tila walang katapusan. Tuloy ang laban para sa ating Bayan. Magtulungan tayo.

(Thank you very much to my fellow countrymen. We strongly feel your presence in this war we fight together—and you at the frontlines. You have proven that you are truly brave Filipinos, and just like we are at the Task Force, the well where we get our love for the country is deep and endless. Let’s continue the fight for our country; let us help one another.)

Rappler closure

June 28, 2022: Three days before Ferdinand Marcos Jr. was to take office, the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) ordered Rappler closed. One reason was the issue of foreign ownership.

In 2018, the SEC revoked Rappler’s operating license. The news media appealed the case but lost.

Least trusted news source among Filipinos

Despite Ressa’s accolades and international media support, especially from liberal mainstream outlets, Rappler continues to suffer as the least credible media outlet in the country.

According to Manila Bulletin, along with the beleaguered ABS-CBN, Rappler garnered the lowest trust ratings with 52 percent, 47 percent, and 46 percent.

Rappler’s Maria Ressa filed an administrative complaint against Undersecretary Badoy. Ressa is considered a world-class Filipino-American journalist. An “open lesbian,” according to QNew.


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