Racist Agent Calls Asian Stupid Blue-Haired Girl


Real Estate Agent Mike Dalcin’s Racist Rant on Em, an Asian woman in Redondo Beach, California

Redondo Beach real estate agent Mike Dalcin was fired immediately because of his racist rant. According to Patch, the newly hired Dalcin called the Asian “A stupid blue Asian-haired girl.”

Em said she was walking around 5 p.m. close to her street near Montana Avenue and Bundy Drive. Dalcin walking with his two dogs, stopped and made racist remarks.

The events that preceded the footage are unclear, but the man is seen ranting by asking, “Are you up against the car? No one is going to pay attention to you because you’re dumb and you’re a stupid blue Asian haired girl,” reported NY Post.

You’re dumb and you’re a stupid blue Asian haired girl

Systemic racism a myth?

Dalcin said in the video, “…f–k you… No one’s going to pay attention to you, ’cause you’re dumb, and you’re a stupid blue Asian-haired girl.” He cussed repeatedly and gave her the middle finger.

Em said in the now-deleted Twitter post, “I have lived in this city my entire life and have never felt threatened in the way I did today. This man singled me out because I was an Asian girl walking by myself and took advantage. We need to hold bigots like these accountable.”

Beach City Brokerage announced on their Facebook that they immediately removed the newly hired realtor, Mike Dalcin.

Asian Lives Matters.

According to Conandaily, Dalcin was charged with felony criminal threats in Orange County in 2007 and charged with public intoxication and disturbing peace in 2008.

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