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Rachelle Ann Go Shows Her London Home


Now married and settled, Rachelle Ann Go – Spies shows her London house full of inspiring Bible verses

Rachelle Ann Go with husband Martin Spies begins at their doorstep. Rachelle first shows their Perry Winkle door she painted herself. The color reminds her of sunset, and they both love it.

The house opens up with plants, a rattan bench, and quirky tiles. “Gusto ko pagpasok, may buhay, may puso,” Rachel said while referring to the greens in their home.

Naturally, Rachel calls it an “Asian thing,” shoes should be placed underneath the rattan bench and walk barefoot henceforth.

What was a study room turned into a “mudroom” where jackets, shoes are. Rachel also calls it “Martin’s cave” because all his sports gear fills the room.

The living room

The living room is a cross between modern-cum-cottage feel, filled with plants. Rachel was proud of their huge mirror she got from eBay. She made sure Martin, who’s 6’3, fits the mirror height.

The Spies couple fell in love with the house the first time they saw it. Its low ceiling reminded them of a cottage house in the village outskirts.

She was proud to share the story of their first furniture, a cushy beige sofa they got from Instagram, and their vintage design carpet they got at @loomandkiln.

(Photo via Facebook of Rachel Go-Spies)

A blank wall awaits the Spies family gallery

Another interesting part of the living room is Martin’s small-framed prayer of Jabez and his wedding boutonnière he preserved. Rachel framed it. A bare wall awaits the photos of their family gallery.

Rachel also showed her favorite book, a devotional book titled “Book of Mysteries,” by author Jonathan Cahn. Of course, they also have several Bible versions that were mostly Martin’s.

Bible verse, Numbers 6:24–26 The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. (Photo via Facebook of Rachel Go-Spies)

Rachel and Martin’s Kitchen

The kitchen is all white. Originally gray, Rachel found a special cabinet sticker that saved them the hassle of painting over it.

Their kitchen has two sides. Left is for Martin, where the coffee maker is. He loves coffee and couldn’t start his day without it. Rachel’s side has the dishwasher, her favorite part of the kitchen! She also showed their motion sensor garbage bin, which she’s proud of.

The best part of the kitchen

They had the refrigerated painted black, and almost every day, “sweet Martin” leaves Rachel a note on the fridge door.

Bible verse at Martin and Rachel’s dining area. Jesus said, “When two or three gathered in my name, I am with them” (Photo screenshot via IG @gorachelleann)

Their Parisian dining area

The dining area has a black wall where their favorite Bible verses are written in chalk. Matthew 18:20 was in huge words. It also has a faux french window, which is a mirror actually. With a wooden table and iron chairs, it feels like a Parisian Alfresco dining.

(Photo screenshot via IG @gorachelleann)

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The Conservatory

Perhaps their favorite part of the house is their cozy conservatory. It’s where they do their daily morning “Quiet Time,” Rachel relates. It’s a bright open area with an outdoor setting where friends can gather and enjoy the backyard view.

Rachel’s dream is to have a vinyl player to play classical records like Fiddler on the roof and Tchaikovsky. She also related the story behind what she called the “fish chair” that Martin loved. They got it from Mozambique.

(Photo screenshot via IG @gorachelleann)
(Photo via Facebook of Rachel Go-Spies)

Home is where the heart is!

From Rachel’s “Birit Baby debut” at Eat Bulaga, winning Shanghai Music Festival, to a successful singing career in the Philippines, her story starts in London. Happily married, well-loved, and blessed, the face of God indeed shines on Rachel and Martin.

In 2014, Rachel went to London to play the role of Gigi Van Tranh in Miss Saigon. She was offered other roles, among them as Fantine in Les Miserable, and recently as Eliza Hamilton, in Hamilton’s original West End production.

In September 2017, Go became engaged to Martin Spies, and they got married in Boracay on April 18, 2018. The couple lives in London.

Rachel Ann Go – Spies shows her London home for the first time, and its filled with awe-inspiring Christian Bible verses.

How Rachel and Martin first met.

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