Quin-Quin’s Pinoy Street Food “Isaw BBQ” in Chicago


Quin-Quin’s Pinoy Street Food in Chicago: “Home of Isaw” and “tusok-tusok” BBQ

Quin-Quin’s Pinoy StreetFood’s “Home of the famous Isaw in Chicago” is the most recent Pinoy food craze addition in Chicagoland. “Fresh of the backyard ihaw-ihaw” with friends, the home-based business started just this year.

Also known as Quin-Quin’s Isaw, BBQ, Atbp’s “Isaw-on-stick,” it is a third-generation “kanto style” BBQ recipe—which is their best seller!

To order, visit Quin-Quin’s Facebook page. Quin-Quin also delivers within Chicago and nearby suburbs. Frozen “tusok-tusok” is also available to ship in the US and Canada.


Quin-Quin’s is a start-up home-based business in partnership with Quin-Quin’s Isaw BBQ atbp. that started selling homemade Pinoy BBQs in 2020.

The following “tusok-tusok” are currently available 24/7

  • Isaw BBQ
  • Fishballs
  • Chicken feet BBQ
  • Chicken balls
  • Orlan (Pinoy Kikiam)
  • Pork BBQ
  • Sarsa sawsawan
  • Squid balls
  • Tenga ng baboy BBQ
  • TokwatBaboy
Quin-Quin BBQ and homemade dishes are available to order and delivery in Chicago and nearby suburbs.


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