Pros and Cons of Liberal Progressive Laws in Democrat States


Pros and Cons of Five Worst Progressive Liberal Laws in the Democrat States, causing people to leave

Libertarian John Stossel considers Minneapolis the best example of “Progressive Laws.” However, next to New York, California continues to have a massive exodus because of high living costs rooted in certain policies. Chicago, where crimes continue to surge, is not far behind.

Democrat leaders also push to decriminalize prostitution and drug users. They’ve also expunged criminal records, got rid of bail, and defund or reduce the police budget to support BLM demands.

Much worse than surging crimes and prices are exploding “tent cities.”

During the pandemic, COVID restrictions by Democrat leaders have affected inflation and the supply chain to operate in full capacity.


1. California’s Rent Control Law


  • Helps the poor get by.


  • Studies do not show strong evidence rent control helps to reduce the number of low-income households. Instead, it causes housing shortages that reduce low-income people to live in the city for better jobs. [CAANET]
  • It deters new housing constructions giving rise to homelessness because homes become expensive. [ALEC]

2. Green Deal pushed by Democrats


  • Solar homes and cars promote cleaner air.


  • When California required home builders to install solar panels on all new homes, it made housing even more expensive.
  • With expensive homes, old or new, many were forced to live in their car or tent.
  • California’s rising rents, severe housing shortage fuel homelessness. [NBC]
  • New York’s required energy-efficient upgrades in buildings affected low-income renters. [SA]

3. Liberal States Sanctuary Cities


  • Helps “illegal immigrants” get jobs and benefits such as housing, food, and education.


  • Although liberal ACLU says illegal immigrants do not take away jobs from American workers, they compete with locals for jobs and other benefits, and there are proofs. [WP]
  • Gangs and syndicated crime increase: Border states deal with more illegal immigrant crime than most, data suggest. [Fox]
  • Illegal immigrants were not screened for mental and health safety and are roaming free in sanctuary cities. Sanctuary cities ignore the public health issue. [TN
  • Chris Cabrera, a Border Patrol agent spokesman in 2015, warned: “We are starting to see scabies, chickenpox, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infections, and different viruses.” 

4. Enabling safe drugs & sex education


  • Young children learn to use a condom.
  • Drug users no longer share syringes.


  • Young children discover and more prone to become engaged in sex at a young age.
  • You can buy a hypodermic syringe without a prescription in California, encouraging its use for illegal drugs.
  • It has also caused dangerous litter around tent cities where they are often found as garbage.
  • Drug users do it more openly and blatantly, as “drug syringes” are given free by the state. [SFC]

5. Higher Tax in Democrat States


  • Enables local government to spend more.


  • Businesses are forced to leave highly-taxed Democrat states. New York, California, and Illinois have had a massive exodus, especially during the 2020 pandemic. [Hoover]


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