Progressive Policies of Democrats City that don’t make sense


Progressive policies of Democrats cities that do not make sense, instead worsens its economy

The development of the bipartisan in the USA roots in the issue of Big and Small government. For centuries, Republicans have always resisted government control that can restrict the people.

On the other hand, Democrats want a “Big government” where they provide for most of the citizen’s needs and regulate more policies than needed. However, some of its overarching policies do not make sense.

Best examples of how “woke policies” are bad for people and the economy

Extended employee benefits, instead of pushing people to work

In 2021, unemployment benefits were extended by Democrat leaders, even months after the economy recovered. Republicans were against it, but Democrats insisted that unemployed people continue to receive money.

In turn, it discouraged millions of people benefiting from it to work, among other reasons such as the fear of exposure and the chain supply problem.

What’s worse is that the money “printed” for the stimulus packages was losing its value. In 2022, inflation was the highest in 40 years.

Policies on supply chain restrictions worsening inflation

In 2022, Republicans blame inflation on pandemic restrictions, enforced mainly by Democrats. For example, more workers refuse to report to work because of mandatory vaccinations.

The lack of people working in the chain command resulted in a massive supply-chain problem. As a result of restrictions by Democrat leaders, prices of commodities go up.

In contrast, Republican states like Florida alleged they could help solve the supply chain problems. It appears to show that too much control and restrictions affect the economy. Democrats are scrambling to direct action and deflect blame. [Axios]

Vaccine policy of Democrat city New York

Employees and small businesses suffered in New York, in part by COVID restrictions. One-third of New York’s small business may be gone forever. Democratic U.S. areas hit three times as hard as Republican ones, reported Reuters.

In New York, basketball player Kyrie Irving was ineligible to play with the Brooklyn Nets team because he refused to comply with the vaccine mandate. New York City health policy requires players and employees to be vaccinated.

In 2022, he sat maskless inside the Barclays Center to watch Duke play Virginia Tech in the ACC Tournament. He even hugged a player who was OK with New York’s state policy for as long as he is not officially in the game.

Even “Progressive policy” supporter Trevor Noah found it ridiculous because it makes zero sense.

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