President Marcos Jr. State Visit to the USA in 2023


President BongBong Marcos Jr.’s State Visit to the USA in 2023

As tension rose in Asia over the Taiwan-China conflict, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and his wife, Liza Araneta Marcos, were invited to the United States for a state visit.

The couple and Marcos’ cabinet and business representative arrived at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland on April 30 to kick off the three days of official visits scheduled last May 1 to 4, 2023.


The meeting with President Biden and Cabinet secretaries was a success, as it solidified the relationship between the Philippines and the United States, particularly amid global instability.

The 2023 U.S. State Visit Agenda

1. Meeting with U.S. Government Officials

  • President Marcos Jr. met with U.S. President Joseph Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and key Cabinet Secretaries.
  • The meeting reaffirmed the long-standing alliance and partnership between the Philippines and the U.S.

2. Engagements with U.S. Companies

  • The President engaged with several U.S. companies for investment, collaboration, and expansion of current operations in the Philippines.
  • The engagements aimed to create jobs and address key challenges in agriculture, food security, clean energy, digital connectivity, climate change, and more.

3. Meeting with the Filipino Community

  • President Marcos Jr. met with the Filipino community on the East Coast.
  • The President thanked the community for their contributions to the Philippines.

4. Policy Speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

  • President Marcos Jr. delivered a policy speech at the CSIS ASEAN Leadership Forum.


In addition to the meetings and engagements, President BBM visited Arlington Cemetery in Virginia to honor fallen soldiers, some of whom were Filipinos.

Investment of $1.3 billion

In a successful official visit to Washington, D.C., the Philippine delegation has secured investment pledges totaling USD 1.3 billion, which is expected to create thousands of job opportunities in the country.

Expressing optimism for the future of the partnership, the delegation emphasized their commitment to working closely with the U.S. government to achieve lasting peace and mutual prosperity between the two countries.


BBM at the Center for Strategic and International Studies ASEAN Leadership Forum, where he shared the country’s insights on the challenges facing the global community.

Bilateral partnership

According to Marcos Jr., the alliance with the United States must prioritize the safety and prosperity of both our peoples.

The Philippines and the United States will have to forge closer economic ties and ensure that our bilateral partnership works for our peoples. That will truly bring our alliance, partnership, and friendship into the 21st century,” he said in his post.


The visit strengthened the diplomatic alliance between the Philippines and the United States. BBM is thankful to the Private Sector Advisory Council for organizing the discussion of U.S. investment pledges to the Philippines.

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