Photo of Massive Trump Rally Photoshop?


Photo of Massive MAGA Trump Rally Supporters Photoshopped, some left-liberals claim

On November 14, 2020, the White House Press Secretary tweeted, “More than one MILLION marchers for President…” However, despite a massive crowd, a million is probably an exaggeration unless she’s referring to separate pro-Trump rallies in other places in the last few days.

Photos do not lie, or do they?

Before the election, Joe Biden’s rally barely showed crowds of people. Understandably, he discouraged crowding to avoid COVID-19 exposure.

In contrast, Trump’s rally was massive. After the election, they took to the street in massive troves to support him and his alleged voter’s fraud claim. But were they photoshopped?

Conservative America under attack?

Brook Meriwether’s Trump MAGA rally photo on November 14, 2020, accused of being photoshopped

Left-Liberals in Twitter labeled the photo shot by Brooks Meriwether as photoshopped and that Brooks isn’t a real person. The NBC Washington photojournalist took the shot on November 14, 2020.

Washington D.C. protest: Even though the photo by Brookes proves genuine, the video shot by The Hill doesn’t look like a million people came to the rally—although it was undeniably massive.

Massive crowd supports Trump before the election

Mainstream media (MSM) has the Presidency sealed by calling Joe Biden as President-Elect. MSM debunks Trump’s claim of voter fraud. Before the election, massive troves of Trump supporters evident in all his rallies.

Is Trumpism over?

Trump rally before the election shows massive crowd. Biden supporters accused similar photos as photoshopped.
National Prayer March posted by Rev. Franklin Graham on Facebook for President Trump’s reelection. Held at Washington Monument, September 26, 2020.

Trumpist refuse to accept Trump’s defeat

Evidently, the Capitol riot, dubbed “insurrection,” proves a strong majority of Americans refuse to believe Trump lost. Despite calls to validate and investigate election fraud, there is no strong evidence to support Trump’s claim.

One is sure is that ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome‘ is real. Most if not all far-left-liberal Democrats hate Trump.

Mainstream media declares Joe Biden, 46th President of USA.


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