Philippines VISA Required for US Citizens


Philippines VISA required for American Citizens staying beyond 30-days in the country

American tourists, and visitors staying in the Philippines for more than 30 days must obtain a Philippine eTA visa (Electronic Travel Authority) to enter the country. U.S. vaccination is also required for all travel purposes.

If you remain in the Philippines beyond the “admit until” date stamped in your passport by immigration authorities, you may be subject to fines and detention by the Philippine Bureau of Immigration (B.I.), according to Travel State.

Visa requirements

  • An eligible passport that is valid for at least 6 months after leaving the Philippines.
  • Proof of intention to leave the Philippines, such as a return ticket and sufficient funds.
  • Itinerary information, including hotel reservations.

It is important to check with the Philippine embassy. However, due to state restrictions, most embassies are booked “for appointment only.”

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: COVID Vaccine requirement to the Philippines.

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