Philippines Province of China, Reflags of Chinese Intrusion?


Philippines ‘Province of China,’ Reflags of Chinese Propaganda?

First, China claims West Philippines Sea

Last April 2021, President Duterte publicly acknowledged his “love for China.” Just before leaving to attend the Boao Forum, he said “I just simply love Xi Jinping. He understood, he understands my problem and he is willing to help.” [GMA]

China’s interference began in 2012. They conducted military activity in the South China Sea. On January 22, 2013, the Philippines initiated an international arbitration case under UNCLOS over Chinese claims of the Spratly Islands and Scarborough Shoal.

2021, Chinese News TV (CNTV)

Chinatown News TV, previously named Chinese News TV (CNTV) aired on ANC cable news on April 12, 2021. “CNTV is the first news program that regularly reports Philippine headlines in Mandarin Chinese,” reported Rappler. After facing backlash, ABS-CBN-owned ANC canceled its partnership with CNTV.

2020, Chinese-owned “Ashley Beauty and Fumes” sold in Divisoria, “Made in the Philippines, Province of China”

A photo of a beauty product “Ashley Shine Keratin Treatment Deep Repair” sold in the Philippines (since 2017) have an address the reads:

1st Floor, 707 Ito Cristo St., San Nicolas, Manila Province, P.R. China.

As the picture of the product shared by a lawmaker trended on August 19, 2020, Manila Mayor Isko called for the deportation of any Chinese nationals selling products labeled as such. The quick-acting Mayor ordered the closure of the establishment selling the Ashley product. [Philstar]

Ashley Shine Keratin Treatment Deep Repair with an address the says, “Manila Province of the People’s Republic of China. The product appears to have been initially sold in 2017.

2018, “WOW CHINA” Radio Program at “Radyo Pilipinas”

The “Wow China program” segment in Radio Pilipinas began airing in 2018. The pro-China radio program aims to improve and appreciate the “brotherhood” Filipinos have with China.

Recently, netizens slammed the radio program, which a lot of Filipinos have no idea existed. It appears to be “pro-China propaganda,” sponsored by Chinese-owned China Radio International and Philippine government-owned Radio Pilipinas (PBS).

“Wow China” local radio program airing in the Philippines. It is hosted by government owned Radyo Pilipinas.

2018, Metro-Manila footbridges: “Welcome to the Philippines, Province of China”

The Duterte-China friendship began as a meme. A joke that later became sour after tarpaulin banners that said, “Welcome to the Philippines, Province of China” seen hanging on footbridges in various parts of Metro Manila on July 12, 2018.

This happened two years after the Permanent Court of Arbitration ruled in favor of the Philippines regarding the Philippines v. China arbitration to which the President set aside the ruling. [Philstar]

2018, Chinese nationals floods the the Philippines

Chinese workers flooded Metro Manila. These are mostly employees of gambling operators, although there are a number of construction-related workers.

Chinese restaurants, drugstores, and other “Chinese-only” services sprouted like mushrooms. A “Tsinoy businessman” we have interviewed said the Chinese nationals he knows do say that the Philippines is a province of China.

“Welcome to the Philippines, Province of China,” seen hanging on footbridges in various parts of Metro Manila on July 12, 2018. It appears to be coordinated propaganda. No person or organization claimed responsibility. Local authorities immediately took it down.

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