PhilFest in Florida


PhilFest Annual Philippine Festival in Florida

PhilFest is an annual three-day festival at the Philippine Cultural Enrichment Complex in Tampa, Florida, that celebrates Filipino culture, food, and Pinoy merchandise.

The festival highlight showcases cultural shows, and mini-concerts, and welcomes visiting performers from other states.


What happens in PhilFest?

There are engaging competitions such as the “Tanghalang Pambata” Talent Competition for Children, the “Tawag ng Tanghalan” Singing Competition for Adults, “Revolution” Youth Night and Hip-hop Dance Competition, “Yugyugan” Street Dancing, and more!

One of the festival’s highlights is the presence of a special Filipino celebrity guest interacting with attendees.

Another standout moment is the quest to crown the next “Miss and Mrs. PhilFest,” where contestants representing different Filipino-American organizations participate in street parades like “Flores de PhilFest” and the “Grand PhilFest Parade.”

Participants can use the Bayanihan Arts and Events Center to access consular services provided by the Philippine Embassy, including an Embassy Consular Outreach.

The outreach culminates in a dual citizenship ceremony for new Filipino Americans, making it a unique opportunity for those seeking to strengthen their ties with the Philippines.

“Flores de PhilFest,” an annual SantaCruzan festival in Florida.


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