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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Pew Research: 89% ‘Liberal-Atheist’ are Democrats


Data show 89% of liberals, who are atheist, identify as Democrat, and how that affects politics & religion

A 2014 demographic information done by Pew Research shows 89% of Liberals-Atheists lean Democrats. That’s likely higher today. While party affiliation between liberals and conservatives remains almost on equilibrium, atheism doubles among Gen Z, according to Barna Research.

Most contentious policies Liberal-Democrats push

67% of Millennial who are atheist, also lean Democrat

Younger millennials and Gen Z represent 42.43% of the population in 2019, according to Statista. A growing number of them are Liberal-Atheists, where 67% lean Democrat, Pew data reveals.

Trend among atheist-immigrants according to Pew research

  • Only 10% of US immigrants are atheists.
  • Only 13% of American-born (second-generation immigrants) become atheists themselves.
  • A high 77% of third-generation immigrants become liberal-atheists, who will likely identify as Democrats.

Demonic practices against Conservative-Republicans

In 2018, about 1.5 million people said they practice Wicca or paganism, according to the Catholic News Agency. Hexing (demonic curse or voodoo) is widespread, says ex-Satanist John Ramirez. He was a warlock in “witch infested New York,” Ramirez describes.

Examples of dark magic used in politics:

  • Witches cast spells on the Conservative-Republican President so he can be removed from office.
  • New York witches placed hex (curse) on Trump’s Supreme Court appointee Brett Kavanaugh, reports BBC News. Likewise, opposition high on Justice Amy Barrett because of her pro-life and ambivalent position on climate change. They are both Catholics.
  • Black Lives Matter (BLM Quotes) founder admits calling on to the dead’s spirit and performing black arts, the News Week reported. The group’s goal is ‘to get Trump out,’ reported News Break. Although the Democratic establishment adopted a resolution supporting BLM, the group said they were non-partisan, The Guardian reported.

What it means politically for America

Although Conservatives continue to outnumber Liberals, Democrats kept recent gains, according to a Gallup survey. A ‘Liberal-Democrat’ in the White House who pushes for equality using the language of “political tolerance” will likely boost atheism in the country.

Conservatives are often Christians. Since the gilded age, they have been portrayed by Liberal-Democrats as social Darwinist, elitists, white supremacist, and capitalists. Republican leaders are blamed for causing the poor to get poorer because they enrich themselves through capitalism. [Difference of Democrats and Republicans]

What it means for Christian conservatives

Americans who believe in God sharply declined since 1999. Given that majority of atheists and agnostics are Democrats, lawmakers who are atheists may run in high numbers as well.

This means Christian persecution in the USA will likely increase because laws are created to protect certain rights, such as abortion, that Christian-Conservatives do not support.

Examples of how Liberals are turning Christian traditions to be more secular:

Church attendance in the USA steadily declining since 2009

Christians going to church decreased to almost 50% while Catholic attendance is down by 24%. As seen in the recent election, anti-conservative sentiments are strong.

The bottom line, political and religious landscape in America radically shifted as pro-atheist policies like abortion found support among Democrat leaders

If not hatred by Democrats for Conservative-Republican leadership, dissatisfaction increased since Trump was elected in 2016. Certain policies have been contentious since then, and Democrats vowed to remove him from office.

Joe Biden appears to have won the 2020 Presidential election, but accusation of (unproven) voter’s fraud came to light. Biden said he’ll make abortion ‘Law of the Land’ if the supreme court overturns Roe v. Wade, reported DailyWire.

Jason Wardell
Jason Wardell is a guest contributor. He loves music, reading, and politics.


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