Parent Furious Over Drag Queen School Show


Parent lashes at Encinitas Union School Board for inviting young students to a “Family Friendly” Drag Queen show

A Twitter post states, “Encinitas Union School District in CA, decided to feature an event to sexualize young children.” The Drag Queen show was part of the “Boo Bash” student activity that features the “Queerest Free Halloween.”


Encinitas Union, School Drag Queen show, was supported by Align Surgical, which does gender reassignment and is sponsored by Rich’s, San Diego’s No. 1 gay nightclub.

Parents were upset over the Halloween invitation

Encinitas Union School District passed out invitation Halloween flyers that included a drag show last October 11, 2022. One parent had gone spitting fire, rebuking and exposing what to her was the drag show all about.

“What makes a drag show “family-friendly… a grown man costumed in a sparkly bra with augmented boobs busting out a mini leather skirt, barely covering his twerking a** with tuck-tape on the front spreading his fish-netted legs as he writhes on the ground, grinding his groin NEXT TO A MINOR, that’s “family-friendly”?

And while we have a culture that has a MASSIVE problem with child porn, with sex trafficking, you, a… school district full of adults, decided to feature an event to hypersexualize young children...”

Drag Queens get massive support from liberal schools

Since 2019, Drag Queens and the trans movement have gained massive support from school communities and even “woke churches.” Conservative organization Heritage calls it a threat to religious freedom, while gay supporters call it discrimination and anti-LGBTQ.

The Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) embodies the LGBTQ movement aimed at young kids. They teach them the “gay alphabet” and promote same-sex marriage.

“Family friendly show”

The “Drag Queen Christmas” tour featuring alumni of RuPaul’s Drag Race that began in 2017. The group tours several states, and as the years progressed, the theme of the Christmas show, dubbed “family-friendly,” has infuriated conservative parents.

Parents bring their kids to be entertained by transvestites who sing, dance, and perform what used to be intended for adults and strip club joints.


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